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It seems lately the magic formula for a successful mixtape is quality over quantity. Artist are leaving out the 10 extra filler tracks and not exceeding 10-12 tracks. Yung Vealy embraces this trend as he drops his 8 track mixtape!

1. The Message- This intro is like one of those old throwback Cali tracks. Makes me feel like riding my bike and throwing a pair of gym shoes up on the power line. Yung Vealy’s lyrical assault fits perfect for this track, showing us that not only can he sing but he can spit a fresh 16.

2. Run’n Out Of Time- This is a real smooth track that addresses our need for Christ! Lyrically this is an amazing song. It’s such a blessing to hear this young man submit to God. This song walks through the biblical story of the Prodigal Son. But Yung Vealy reminds us that no matter what, it’s never too late to come home!

3. Broadway Life-“The days are getting shorter, the time is flying by!” Wow! That right there is enough for you to not skip past this track. This is my favorite song on the CD. When you think Broadway you think big lights, performance, people just having a great time right? Well Yung Vealy tells us that Broadway Life is the way of destruction. You see many times we live our lives performing. Performing for the world. Trying to fit in. But we need to be a performer in front of an audience of ONE and that is CHRIST! Yung Vealy vocals match perfect with the guitar and heavy snare on this track!

4.  Problems Rolled Away- So Yung Vealy is a drummer and you can definitely tell on this track because the drums are too sick! They definitely give this track a nice drive and energy. This is a very positive and inspiring track. Make sure you take a good listen. As I mentioned before I’m usually not a fan of Auto-Tune unless it’s used right (See the T-Word Review). For most of the tracks Vealy uses it perfectly but on this one it was somewhat hard to hear what he was saying. That was the only negative I saw on this track!

5. Recieve Our Offering- I see flashing lights, dancing (in the Spirit). I really dig this track. It’s short, simple but one of the stand outs! Don’t skip! Production on this track is amazing. I just wish it was a little longer!

6. I Can Do- Anybody who knows me they know that I LOVE 808’s. So already I enjoy the production on this track! But I love how Y.V. put Philippians 4:13 to song. Not much to say about this track other than it reps Christ to the fullest! It will definitely leave you encouraged!

7. Last Days- This track bass is beating like nothing else. The lyrics. Well it tells us that we need to pray during these last days! Yet another anointed track from Mr. Vealy!

8. Rep’n Hard- So Young Vealy leaves us with a Bonus Track. The title says it all. It’s all about reppin’ Christ to the fullest!

Okay so Young Vealy had 8 tracks to make an impact and I think he is definitely on to something. He mixes amazing drum lines, great productions, effective Auto-Tune with the word of God and leaves us wanting more. Today in Kingdom Music we see a lot of people making songs that you gotta ask, “Is he a Christian artist?”. But make no mistake about it. Young Vealy reps the Kingdom to the fullest. Each track he hits you with verses from the bible. I look forward to see what’s next for Mr. Vealy.

Well as always it’s been a pleasure to do this with y’all. Make sure y’all follow me at Also for more reviews check me out at Till next time, Pray Until Something Happens!

Preacher Boy

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  1. Micah

    You know what. This has been officially upgraded. Been listening to it a lot more these past days and it is a gem!


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