We’ve all been there. Going through our workday day to day doing the same thing hour in and hour out. That’s when it hits you, you ask yourself, how can working here possibly matter to God? Why has God put me at this job that has nothing to do with building the kingdom? Does it mean that your job has no meaning if it isn’t directly doing something for Christ? No, it doesn’t. God created work. Clearly it’s something he values. So why does it feel so tiring and mundane at your workplace?

Probably because we are failing to see what God is trying to use us for in that workplace. It is no mistake that you work where you do, being in contact with those that God has placed around you. We usually see work as only something that we can benefit from financially, when we allow that to be the sole purpose of our work, we lose the motivation and zeal of our work.

You could be a CEO, waiter, barista, or own a business, it doesn’t matter, God has placed each of us in these specific places for a particular reason. You could wear a suit or wear an apron, but God is using you for His greatest glory. When we start to complain about disliking our jobs, sometimes it’s because we haven’t been paying attention to what God is calling us to do.

There are plenty of people around you, that may not have ever heard the gospel, or people who need a friend in life to show them love. The opportunities are endless. We just need to start seeing the workplace as an opportunity to serve others and show the love of Christ. Once you start to help others and be a light, your job starts to feel a lot more fulfilling. No matter how mundane it may be. Remember only you can reach the people that God has placed around you.

In all honestly I struggled with this for a long time. I felt like I was giving it my all and performing as best as I could. But it was for all the wrong reasons. Now I love to be there to help others and do everything I can to be loving towards all those in my circle of influence. I love being able to talk to others who are struggling with certain things in life. It makes me feel like I know and understand the reasons that God placed me in that workplace.

Next time that mundane feeling creeps up on you, ask yourself, What’s the bigger picture? What can I be doing to show Christ’s love to someone today?


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