Cartoon Astronauts

What do you get when you put two young MC’s together? Young Minds is the creation of Adrian Stresow and Levi Hinson. Here is the new album sure to get you pumped! Here’s what one half of the group has to say regarding the new album:

“Cartoon Astronauts is our debut project, so we really wanted people to get to know us for who we really are. Not only is it 100% written, recorded, and produced by us, but it also showcases a variety of musical moods. This album is funny, happy, serious, sad, strange, melancholy, and just about any other mood you can think of. Cartoon Astronauts is symbolic of using what you love as a means of escape from the chaos of life; flying free using the things you really love to do, which in our case is music. That’s basically the concept of the whole project, and we hope that people can really relate to it and enjoy it.”  – Levi Hinson

Cartoon Astronauts releases for free download on August 1st.

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