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Young Chozen has returned with his Playtime Is Over mixtape which is a follow up to Recess, 100% Jerkin & Extra Credit which has received critical acclaim from the Kingdom Music world. Young Chozen enlists DJ Sean Blu, DJ Will & DJ I Rock Jesus on the 1’s and 2’s or his 4th mixtape!

1.Playtime Intro- Not much to be said for the intro other than Young Chozen’s famous “Teacher” returns and she keeps the laughs going and really makes you “love” her!

2.Follow Me- Young Chozen gives his info out for his Twitter and Facebook page!

3.DJ Sean Blu Intro– DJ Sean Blu gives us a little comedic relief as he begins his set for the mixtape!

4.Not Afraid- Young Chozen sets the pace right with his take on the Emenim cult hit, “Not Afraid”. Young Chozen declares that he’s not afraid of anything because he knows that everything that has happened in his path is what will help set people free! Young Chozen is open and honest on this track which I really appreciate it! It’s good to know where people come from. It’s inspiring to see where God brings people from and what he pulls them out of! Young Chozen shows that he is not perfect and that he once let sin control his life! It’s good for us to get to a point where we can admit our downfalls so we can progress. This was a great way to start things off!

5.Addiction- Young Chozen continues with Addiction. Young Chozen gives new life to the Ryan Leslie track. Y.C. shows us how easy it is to let a relationship can turn from good to bad. He shows us that if God is not at the center of a relationship it is bound to pass away after time!

6.Coming Right Up- Young Chozen goes with the infectious dance style track that he is most known for on this track! Y.C.’s flow is fresh as ever as he rhymes in his usual parable storytelling style! I’m not goin to break this one down for you. I wanna hear what you guys come up with. Let’s go!

7.Back At The Crib- Young Chozen is the only one who can get away with saying, “Coochie Coochie Coo, Goo Ga Ga!” Lol. That is what is so refreshing about Young Chozen’s style and swag! His delivery is unique and I think that is what appeals to so much to people! Young Chozen perfectly illustrates to us what it was truly like for Christ to come down to earth from Heaven. This song definitely puts things into perspective for the listener!

8.Heard Em Flow- Young Chozen tackles the classic Kanye West, Heard Em Say on this one! Young Chozen teases us a bit with ad libbing but finally blesses us with a hot verse! Young Chozen sits and reflects on his past life and sees where he would be without God. Self reflection is something we all have to make a part of our every day lives! This was a pretty solid effort from Y.C.

9.Looking Stupid Young Chozen speaks out on what the world views as “cool” as opposed to what the Kingdom sees as, “cool”! Y.C. addresses how clubbing, drinking and sexing may seem fun, may seem cool for a little while but the end of result is always negative. That’s not true happiness. This is a song that I feel needs to be heard by all of our young people!

10.How We Do It!- Young Chozen goes old school on this last DJ Sean Blu assisted track! This track will have you moving as Young Chozen recreates the Montel Jordan classic hit. On this track Young Chozen shows us that you can have fun as still be saved! We don’t need to drink, we don’t need to smoke to have a good time. I really like what Y.C. did with this one! I’m having a hard time not dancing right now as I listen and try to type!

11.DJ I Rock Jesus Intro- The baton is officially passed to DJ I Rock Jesus and the fun doesn’t stop.

12.What It Do- Young Chozen picks back up with the Beamers Benz and Bentley beat. On this one Young Chozen is calling out all the men and women who are on fire for God to raise up and rep their “set”! Y.C.’s wordplay on this track is crazy sick! All I can say is just listen to it!

13.Bad To The Bone- This is another song I want y’all to check out and get back at me so we can discuss it a little bit!

14.What’s My Name- Young Chozen that’s his name! Young Chozen addresses females and males to wait for the right one that God has for them. He encourages us not to look at what the world tells us what we should look for but truly seek what God has for us when it comes to our soul mate.

15.Hello- Young Chozen brings the heat with this remix. Young Chozen really showcases his lyrical skills over this infectious Swizz Beats track. Young Chozen shows us that you can make a “HOT” song without profanity and sexually perverse laced lyrics! This is a track that definitely shouldn’t be skipped over!

16.G6- If you have ever seen Young Chozen live you know that he likes to keep things live and the people moving so him including this song on the mixtape was necessary. Young Chozen is one of those artists who really change the idea of what it means to be a “Christian” artist. Songs like this really reach out to both the saved and the unsaved!

17.Imma Be- Young Chozen keeps things moving as he hands the mixtape off to DJ Will to close things out! On this Young Chozen declares everything that he is going to be. But everything that he declares he knows that he is all of those things in Christ! Once again Y.C.’s wordplay and lyrical delivery is top of the class.

18.School Of Swagg- DJ Will starts things off with his own little flow and hands things off to his “cousin” Young Chozen. Young Chozen slows his flow down as he spits over the Soulja Boy beat. Young Chozen is calling everyone who wants to see change to check into his school of swag! By the end of the track Young Chozen returns to his style of rapping and kills the song something fierce!

19.How Low Can You Go- No idea how he does it but Y.C.’s flow on here definitely surpasses the original. He definitely has a lot to say and shows that he definitely has some God given talents! Not too many people can really spit as fast as Y.C. did on certain parts of the song! Young Chozen once again shows us that he is not perfect nor has he ever been. He shows us that it is by the grace of God that he is where he is today! He asks us how long can we go before we know we need to grow? That’s a question we should ask ourselves. Our growth is in our hands. We can choose to go after it or we can choose to stay stagnant.

20.Feel Thirsty– Not my favorite song on the Playtime Is Over Mixtape! I think the hook kind of threw me off but I’m sure some will enjoy this. It just wasn’t for me!

21.Transform Ya- As usual Young Chozen recovers quickly from his misstep. This one is all about being transformed. Mind, body and soul alike! This song is about finding a new identity in Christ! I feel like everyone will be able to relate to this song

22.Sneak Peek Drive Thru- Young Chozen gives us an exclusive preview of his exclusive single that we can look out for on iTunes. As always Y.C. always gives us something to look forward to!

I was really impressed by Playtime Is Over. I feel that this project showed Young Chozen has progressed as an artist and it is clearly evident in his lyrics. With his 4th mixtape down I feel like Young Chozen is continuing his pace on becoming a strong force in the world of Kingdom Music. Well that’s all the time we have for now but check back with us tomorrow for another Royal Review. (I like that. I may keep that. Lol)

God Bless,


9 Responses

  1. St Bwyze

    This teacher has a crush on Young Chozen LoL! Love Sean Blu, he is the best thing about christian mixtapes(well love noisy djs, cant blame me). Hate secular beats but dang Youngie never disappoints… Killer album for real. One more thing Love the fact that my two fav djs are on it, much love to Youngie… Time to drop an album man.

  2. Kevon

    First time listening to young chozen but DAMN. This is a tight mixtape, keep doing it for Jesus dude

  3. yung incredible

    opps my bad spelled my name wrong but yea like i say jst keep wht u doing cuz u saveing lifes and i want to be down wth all dat u culd call from diz nmber 904 891 75 84 cuz i really wuld love to be apart of saveing the world frum destruction call asap

  4. jesusistheonlywaytogo

    your really inspirational. i like the remix of ‘Not Afraid – Eminem’ that’s a great song but you just made it ten times better. Keep doing what you do man. Do it for the children, the youth and the adults of the Churches. DO IT FOR JESUS!!!


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