Young Chozen – Night Light | Mixtape

July 30, 2012


  1. Hector Custodio

    This album is fire!!!! Keep Repping the LORD!

  2. Nick Perez

    Geez dude epic.. I'd pay for this. Sharing with everyone I know keep up the work.

  3. eX

    u already know, very good album like usual, Young Choz" is the best ! some songs was just made for move... in the night light lol Jesus is the light neva forget it, blessings Bro's

    • eX

      And awsome good job of DJ Triune too !!!

  4. Adamt

    This is seriously sick. Finally hearing some christian artists rockin' the DubStep and doin' it right! Great work!

  5. Kelsey

    Haha... I didn't expect a remix of Labrinth's song on here (in a tone of pleasant surprise). Labrinth is a great producer and the remix does it fair justice and I'm super glad the chorus was in there. The dubstep was a little bit out of place and unnecessary in some spots, though. Dubstep is kind of tricky, but I'm sure some more experience and work with a variety of producers/DJs will help that flow a little more. (I hope) Overall, well done. :)

  6. ?

    Amazing mixtape! I love the remixes, should do some stuff with Canon!

  7. ?

    I also liked the dubstep, sounded kind of like Skrillex!

  8. Frank

    I love this.im going to spred this like fire.there are serious artist's coming out the christian sector .may the Lord Jesus himself guide you all.keep it Jesus ....

  9. sheliajamison09

    Aay this stuff is sick!! I'm really feeling this music. Dj Triune and Young Chozen you doin ya thing on this one! God bless y'all. Shout-out to all the Christian artists making music for the Lord. The Saints [and Ain'ts] are loving it

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