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  1. Elliot Daniels

    Yo I have heard a lot of junk in my search for good Christian rap to listen to so its good to hear something quality for a change. Im glad you dont rap over industry beats either. I have some questions for you if you get this personally, I do christian rap too, so if you can please hit me up on my fb it would be appreciated. Im prayin for you bro keep doing your thing God is truly blessing and usin you to advance the kingdom.

  2. Elliot Daniels

    O by the way, you can hit me up on FB. Elliot Daniels, or Idk other people’s motives but Im not in this for the money im in the United States Air Force and i travel a lot i just need a way to get my music out there so people hear it thats why i like this website cause it allows you to listen and download whole mixtapes for free. But like i said Lord willing you get this personally it would be nice to talk to you . Well God bless either way.

  3. abbi :)

    i love how you have so many bible refrences keep’n it word based fasho 🙂 lovin it … you got some talent man! keep it up wanna here more 🙂 how do i add you on fb~


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