It’s a common misconception that you need the support of everyone around you in order to be successful. I see people get discouraged often when those closest to them don’t support like they would expect them to. A lot of people set expectations that so-and-so’s uncle, brother, cousin or whoever has the connections they need to be successful. People also believe that if everyone they knew supported them on social media then they would be successful or at least be able to create some buzz.

Why should they support you? Nobody believes in your idea more than you do. Why would you expect them to have the same passion as you do? Most people will not see your end goal or even understand why you’re doing in it in the first place. That is why they will not care about your music, goals or business as much as you do.

Don’t hate on them because they won’t support you or blast them with subtweets. That is definitely one way to demotivate those who would support you now and in the future. You don’t want to alienate your current clientele. What took you years to build could all end with a few social media posts.

The best customers are the ones you don’t know personally. True growth in a business mostly comes from people outside of your circle. If you depend on your friends and family to grow your business, you’ll run out of people to sell to. If you’re able to sell to complete strangers, friends and family will come around once they see you actually doing something without them.

Building your own brand is definitely one of the most difficult things you can do in this world. Most people fail or quit when things get hard. The real entrepreneurs push beyond the pain and suffering of being a startup. When things get really hard, I encourage you to listen and trust what God is doing in your life. God will let you fail a thousand times before succeeding that one time. The one time God lets you succeed, it will be more than worth the pain you had to endure to get there.

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