With over 13 projects and 221 songs released from his catalogue, Yaves adds another milestone as he announces the release date for his new full-length studio album titled ‘Favor Over Fury’. Scheduled for a July 16, 2013 release date under the Sling Shot Media Group LLC label.

Favor Over Fury is a narrative for anyone who has seen the favor of God triumph over the fury of men in regards to their own life. Taking cues from the life of David, Favor Over Fury speaks to everything that comes with a life rooted in the favor of God, even those closest to us may develop a desire to see us fall.

“The majority of the time it is not even by our own actions that stirs this hatred but simply from the favor that we are covered in,” Yaves said. “Just like David in

1 Samuel, chapter 18, we are to continue to “behave more wisely” and watch God protect, promote, and prosper us. This is the true nature of Favor Over Fury. “

Yaves makes this story relative and relevant to the listener by personal life application and account. Everyone has a dream that is bigger than his or her current circumstances. How do we balance dream chasing with pleasing God, and how do we respond to the fury that will come our way?

Full details have yet to be divulged concerning the track list. However, Yaves has been working with the likes of Swoope, Ruslan of the Breax, Young Joshua, and a few others in the creation of this project. We can expect production from Ron Riley, Z4L Productions, and The Dreamcatchers.

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