With anything you do, there comes a point in time that you need to step away. In June of this year that moment finally came. New H2O was founded on September 20, 2010. Every single day for the last five years I posted music, sent emails to artists, wrote articles, invested in others and countless other acts that involve keeping the website running.

This last year was really weighing heavy on me. I had no intention of ever taking a break. It was almost as if the break was forced upon me. The wear and tear of my daily activities was really beginning to take its’ toll on me. The breaking point was my realization of the current state of CHH. I’ve been investing my time all these years because I love God and I love hip hop. I loved giving people fresh new artists to listen to. Over the last year my communication with artists was really starting to get to me.

No longer did people see New H2O as a place to spread the Gospel but a place to advance their career.

With that single realization I began to feel discouraged on where this website was heading. I felt like I was working for the artists rather than being led by God. Somewhere down the line I let the artists take control rather than asking God what He would like to me to do next.

I really think this break was inspired by God to reflect on the current trajectory of the website. When I first started this website it was to supplement the world with something positive. It was meant to get people on track and to encourage others.

There came a point in my sabbatical that I was going to shut New H2O down. This was early on in my break and I wasn’t focusing on what was important. I took some more time and God really worked on my heart and encouraged me to pursue the original goals of this website once again.

Was I wrong to let the business of CHH take over rather than the ministry? I absolutely believe so. God really gave me peace and I am motivated to start fresh. I am more focused than ever to continually bring positive hip hop to people and encourage others during their walk. God gave us this platform and I truly believe that our best days are ahead.

Thank you all for believing in us and being there. We are pushing forward and the vision is clearer than ever. 🙂

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  1. John Blanco Bear Ruso

    I loved the day I stumbled on newh2o fam, I’m always sharing it with my friends who are looking to make the switch from secular to chh. You helped me find so many new artists. I appreciate your effort and calling man. Keep encouraged brother.

  2. MikeSarge

    This is awesome! (Mike Sarge here.) Keep doing what you’re doing and continue to allow God to use you. This is such a blessing to so many people. #SalutesToThat

  3. obeyurmasta1

    Hard to run a site and keep it up in Jesus Name with no respect of person. Posting real talk, faith walk, psalms of our generation and not caring about what a person think he is. There is no competition in CHH in Christ…it ain’t bout money and these people wrong (i hope they learn). Churchs be soooo wrong and we know they back alota things as well as CHH to some degree i bet. I don’t know you say the right thing and there are real believers watching your site and we post too your questions about real subjects. Keep growing in the faith…keep seeking righteousness, seeking, learning till you know righteousness more and more. Seek to enter his kingdom by keeping yourself in Jesus’s Name and what you ask the Lord concerning this site….may it be a blessing. You know what it is 🙂

  4. vopga

    Wow this was extremely eye opening. I’ve been a fan and a user of New H20 for the past couple of years and I wanna say I missed you Nick, but I’m grateful for the time you were able to spend with God and the path he is leading you on.  Stay encouraged and I’ll keep you and the site lifted up!

  5. TerranceKaytonMiller

    Wow, not surprising. BLESS your heart homie. I am a RADICALLY INCLUSIVE, open and affirming LGBTQIA Community Chaplain which evolved from happening upon this site and creating the “Black, Brown, Queer, Christian-Hippy Mobile Music Ministry,” sharing motivational and positive uplifting tunes, without the SPIRITUAL Abuse, misogyny and misandry expressed by many believing artists.
    I was both excited by all the bestigul artistry and exhausted by the limited thinking in evolving as creatures of The Most High.
    GRACIOUS THANKS for doing for us, what we could not/did not do for ourselves. It is an unfortunate fact that people what respect but and expect to be step on the backs of others without showing respect & honor to.the people and processes assisting ones foreseeable future.

  6. RonenEsh

    Wow it was a great thing you did when you went on that sabbatical. A refresher and a refocus to revisit ministry goals…goals God had birthed in you. Keep pressing on bro and thanks for being transparent and sharing.

  7. ikeepit10000

    Amen brother thing’s can weigh us down and glad our father touched your heart.

  8. Ennis_C_Smith

    Nick, it takes a strong and faithful man to know when it’s time to stop doing your own thing for the sake of getting back to God. CHH has grown over the years and it’s becoming easy to see how ministry is falling behind music, within the sub genre. I give you much respect for your obedience, young brother. Go in whatever direction the Lord leads you, and you can’t fail. Let Him who has begun a good work in you complete it.

  9. PacasoRamirez

    Nick, It’s good to hear your heart brother…I struggle with the same thing everyday…unfortunately there are artists that just want to further their career, but fortunately there are those care about changing lives, one person at a time. Don’t stop what you’re doing, keep evaluating artists, giving feedback, and being a platform for great Christian music, but I do pray God’s discernment over you as you analyze the artist that are premiering on your site…God Bless.

  10. singletond12

    It’s interesting man, I’ve been in and out of Christian Hip Hop for the last five years or so for some of the same reasons. It normally follows a cycle.  

    First, I normally write a few songs and poems I’m really excited about, and have genuine intentions to either spread the gospel or encourage fellow believers.

    I then normally rap for local friends or in detention centers or in front of youth groups and It’s really a blessing to the hearers. Seeing many confessions of salvation, and encouragement of the brethren. 

    Next I begin to try to record a song but get really frustrated from my lack of connections and resources and come out with something that sounds of a low quality that I made in my basement.

    The music doesn’t go anywhere because of the low production quality.

    This is where I tend to lose my original purposes.

    I begin to become jealous of other artists that I feel I’m more talented then but have better quality equipment and production. All the while I’m Ignoring the fact that God gave them the platform that they are using to build his kingdom.
    In the end faithfulness means a lot more than talent. 

    I then start to connect with people just out of selfish ambition not caring about the actual people.(Trying to advance my career and not the gospel)

    Last I realize that I’m in sin and I quit for a few months to a year. I’ll feel that I’m not using all the talents that God has given me. 

    Rinse* Wash* Repeat*

  11. NickChow

    PacasoRamirez I think it’s good to have goals and it is good to make a living. However we need to remain accountable on how we conduct business.

  12. shevieb

    I just discovered this site today and in the 20 mins I have been browsing around. I sadly wonder why there are not more sites out there like this. Often we are told as youth that hip hop is bad, its not what we should be listening to and worst. 

    I’ll never forget the first time true christan hip hop and so if it means anything at all. I’d like to say thank you for taking the time to reflect and for listening to God and keeping the site open. 

    I Have a question.. I am a writer and I wonder is there a place to submit writing?

  13. JdhN8tionRadio

    I hear your sentiments. We been trying to partner up with you to help out for awhile now. If you ever need any help getting anything done just let us know. We took 3 months off as well and our business continued to grow so we took that as a sign to keep focus on giving God glory and bringing attention to His name. Salute for the Transparency.  Blessings.

  14. Chazeen

    PacasoRamirez Agree! This site is awesome sir. I just recently discovered it. happy that God used you and your talents to create something awesome like this

  15. Rick_Harmoney

    Just seen this in my news feed but Nick I just want to say I’m thankful for you brother, your obedience to Gods call is super encouraging! NewH2O has been an amazing medium for artist to share their ministry and connect with other believers. It’s allowed me to meet and build with people like You, David, and Trey. I’m glad that I met such great people! So I just want to encourage you to keep pursuing what God has called you to do and stay blessed FAM! Love y’all ✊??⚓️

  16. Carvin Joshua

    That’s good bro. It’s always gonna be someone thinking career over service. Most don’t even realize that’s what they are doing.
    I’ve always looked at rappers as ministers because they are instructing, encouraging, correcting, and often looked to as examples. But many lack foundational discipleship and have built a platform before they are mature enough to handle it.
    Who will disciple them?
    The Holy Spirit is The Great Teacher and we must be The Body. Continue to praise what’s righteous and correct what’s self serving. God bless.

  17. Charles Bonner

    Awesome bro I thank God for your sacrifice but even more so for your obedience.The spirit of the lord is urging me to have you reach out to this guy Dwight Stone a true brother i think what he has to say will bare witness with yoi brother. God bless love u man #BigProphet


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