Hip hop has always had a history littered with feuds. Some of the more famous hip hop beefs are: Biggie vs. Tupac, Ja Rule vs. 50 cent and many more. These disputes can make or break a rapper’s career. It can send their album sales skyrocketing or it can make a highly profitable rapper irrelevant.

From the outside looking in, yes these feuds can be funny and entertaining. On the other side of it, we are encouraging the belittlement and diminishment of actual people’s lives.smm

In recent weeks, I’m sure your timelines have been filled with Drake vs. Meek Mill disses and shortly after 50 Cent vs. Meek Mill. I’ve always wondered why Christians were so quick to share this form of entertainment but then judge artists like Lecrae when it comes to their music.

Lecrae is without a doubt aware of the many claims against him. On his latest mixtape Church Clothes 3 Lecrae converses with his accusers on “Sidelines.” He starts the song off by saying, “They say Crae, you sold your soul, man. For real? Who bought it? Let the Spirit take control, man. I don’t go nowhere without Him.”

If Christians are so concerned with the well being of others, why do they share images and stories defaming these rappers? Everyone knows at the end of the battle there is a clear winner and loser.

Why do Christians praise these rappers for winning an empty and shallow battle?

Being a believer means we are called to a higher standard. We need to separate the garbage on the internet instead of adding to it. Christians should be spending their time building with non-believers instead of encouraging their actions.

When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. – 1 Corinthians 13:11

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  1. Tøby C Engel

    Because many Christian artists don’t give up their “childish ways” and keep writing music for soccer moms.
    We want something real.

  2. obeyurmasta1

    Well judging the state of this uncorrectable churchs every where….i wonder how these “christian” rappers really are??? Cause this christian rap universe does not match these churchs im sure alota u people go too. People touchin your forehead and you drop church, everyone speak in tongues church, everyone sit and do nothing church, churchs that love the next sermon but they judgment sux, people that want money or power or wanna be “christian” rulers in they own mind….this is whats REALLY out here. So how yall music seem so unlike this “church” organizations? Yall mostly ALL sound like a begginin speach from billy graham. Who CASTIN DOWN DEVILS? In Jesus Name???? Now i got tight. So they no beef just truth. Trust me in ALL truth what come by Gods Spirit come by His Spirit and they alota Christain actors runnin the marathon. So i don’t know everything….but this music to me over these 4-5 years has spoiled. I only listen to those i see in truth. If u can’t be corrected then maybe it feels like a feud, if you SOOOO young in Christ and you standing in his name and run around in his name but you undisiplined and unrefined to serve him…what makes u think u a pillar? Im just saying. If you a pillar Amen be strong, if not get corrected.

  3. therealayedubya

    newH2O because the majority of #CHH is made up of carnal Christians. If you have 80 people say they’re Christians, bank on 25 being true

  4. therealayedubya

    newH2O and when I say #CHH, i mean the fans not the artist for sake of the question 🙂

  5. hypercoyote

    That’s truth man, do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (exposure to the Word).  Like some others have said, partly there’s wolves in the fold, but partly it’s new immature believers.  Mature believers gotta take a stand and be a role-model to those coming up by not going with the flow.


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