As most of us, I’ve been actively engaging others on social media for quite a few years now. This medium of communication seems to bring out the worst in others. Of course, there are amazing stories of people defeating obstacles but it seems most people choose to reflect hate on others.

On this site alone, there are thousands of comments of people tearing each other down. I understand constructive criticism or disagreeing on theology. Most of the time comments that are left are short and provide little to no value other than to tear others down.

Since the birth of social media it allows people to speak their mind without ever having to confront the other person. If you were to see the person face to face would you still speak your mind? Would you tear them down to the point where there is no coming back?

Countless times I have witnessed other people say; “Why would I want to be a Christian if all they do is judge?” or “Why would I be a Christian? They are so hateful.”

To be honest I feel the same exact way at times. I think to myself, if I wasn’t a Christian would I still be able to identify with them? Probably not.

I get that Christians don’t always view things the same. They don’t have the same views biblically, politically or even ethically. We are all flawed people and all fall short of perfection. The issue isn’t that we disagree it’s the way we execute our views.

1 John 2:9 states “Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness.”

Too many times do I see Christians “judging” others but fail to take a look at the sin in their own lives. They “judge” non-believers for their acts instead of acting in love and accepting who they are. Instead of bashing gay people, democrats or whoever opposes you, why not broadcast love in place of hate?

If we were to love others as much as we hate, the world would truly be a different place. We need to stop projecting our hate on others and look at where this darkness is originating. There is a loving way to criticize people or recommend a more positive path for them to go down. You may never agree with what the person is doing but I do believe you can have a respectful interaction with them.

I challenge you the next time you feel the urge to disagree or “hate” on someone, engage them in a loving way. Broadcast love.

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  1. Keith Warren

    What about when that person says he don’t care that he takes his life for granted

  2. obeyurmasta1

    The matter is they don’t keep their Lords commands…
    Also the Lord had no respect of persons and taught us how to serve him and how to overcome this world in his name…the record of the disciples ain’t lost, the books of the prophets ain’t lost…Gods Spirit is still among us to fullfill the Lords wishes…so whats the problem? Those that have ears let them hear.

  3. hypercoyote

    It’s easy to get caught up on people’s sins and not realize that’s just the symptom of a greater issue.  Without Jesus, none of us can make it.  If a person doesn’t have Jesus, I can’t get caught up on their sins and forget to introduce them to Step 1 – The Savior.  Pray for people, ask God to intervene, to open their eyes.  Tell people the truth IN LOVE, but criticizing them (which is very different than the former) is only going to cause people to become defensive and resistant to the Gospel.

    The hate believers express is not of God, it’s of the devil.  Being saved doesn’t mean you’re delivered, so if that’s coming out of you, it’s time to check for the beam in your own eye.


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