Every 4 years the political field heats up with a fight for the presidential seat. We are blessed to be the recipients of ads that spread hate, constant belittlement of the candidates and full on assaults of each others’ character. It’s during this time most people get confused and the line between the truth and lies gets blurred. Mainstream media definitely is not innocent in this either. They feed off it to drive traffic through their many media channels and most people eat it up.

It’s really heartbreaking to me when I see people believing these lies that some blogs spread to get traffic. A lot of times voters step into the booth blind and vote for whichever candidate they think is best whether or not they know of their full agenda. This year let’s prepare a little beforehand to ensure we vote confidently.

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when trying to decide which candidate to vote for.

1. Don’t vote for a candidate because you heard they were a Christian.

This happens all the time in the Christian community. Most Christians vote for a Republican candidate because they believe most of them are bible hugging, gun toting believers who share the same beliefs. I remember people saying they voted for George W. Bush because they “thought” he was a Christian. This is a common misstep for Christians in choosing a candidate. Did you sit down with Mr. Bush and talk about how he got saved? If you don’t know so without a doubt, don’t assume so.

2. Do your own research.

A lot of times media reports certain things about candidates that aren’t true. If you paid attention recently, Politico published a story about Ben Carson fabricating his acceptance to West Point. The Carson campaign fired back at Politico saying the article lacked evidence and was not true. Take the time and visit each candidate’s official website and Facebook page to get the most accurate details on a story. After you’ve checked both sides of a story, then you can make an educated decision on who is telling the truth.

3. You don’t have to agree with everything they do.

Let’s be honest. There is no perfect candidate. Each candidate has some things you don’t agree on and some things that you do. Don’t let this be a hinderance in deciding on who to vote for. Even as believers, we don’t agree with other believers viewpoints on certain things. This cannot be avoided. Not a single person will think exactly like you nor should you expect them to. Do your own research and decide on a candidate closest to your viewpoints.

4. Not voting is not the answer.

I know people get frustrated and confused when it gets near the end of the election season. Some people will not spend the time researching a candidate and then when it comes down to it they decide not to vote. They think by voting they are making an uneducated guess as to who should be president. Voting in this country is a right that you have and it’s very important that you exercise this right. Most places on earth do not allow you to pick leaders freely and it is the result of why so many people have lost their lives during war in the past.

At the end of it all a new president will be chosen by the people. I encourage you all to take part in this election whether or not you believe it is Illuminati rigged. By expressing your right, you do have the ability to make your voice heard in a different forum rather than complaining on social media.

If you’re looking for a fun way to break the ice, USA Today put out a small quiz that helps match you up with your ideal candidate. I wouldn’t fully rely on this quiz and still encourage you to do your own research. Check out the quiz here: https://www.usatoday.com/pages/interactives/candidate-match-game/

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  1. hypercoyote

    Good write-up and too true.  I’d also add, pray about the election, that God put a person in place who will have a heart to hear from Him and lead this nation by the Holy Spirit.  It may seem like a pipe dream, but I’m sure the people didn’t see Hezekiah coming either and he brought about one of the greatest reforms in Israel.  If God can bring up a godly man in a monarchy, He can definitely bring up one in a democracy.


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