Here at NewH2O we had the chance to ask some questions and get to know about the up and coming duo BreeKay & Kasairi. This duo have been doing music for quite a while but have not put out a project together until of recently this year. We wanted to get to know the artists on a more personal level, to know the artist Behind The Mic.

For those who have heard of their music one would not think to categorize them into the Hip Hop genre, though they do rap it wouldn’t be categorized into Rap either. What genre are they?! BreeKay answers, ” I would consider us to be Pop, but don’t put us in a box either”. When you take a chance to listen to their music you will realize they can be used in a wide range of music. They could probably put out a Worship, Spoken Word, and Pop album if they wanted to and I would bet it would all be great. While engaging the genre of CHH they have collabed with a few artists with their sound, for instance a recent single with the CHH producer OnBeatMusic features BreeKay. Check out the single below.

Through this “Interview”, if thats what you like to call it, we learned a few facts such as that they reside from Southern California, they are in their 20’s, and that they are actually COUSINS! (This was a surprise to me). They say they are just like best friends and talk about almost every day, therefore the collaboration between the two are not difficult. Before collaborating on a project the two did things a bit differently music wise. Kasairi has done much spoken word and singing, and where BreeKay produces, sings, and raps. The two are both out of college and currently pursuing music.
I asked them where do they feel led in regards to who listens to their music. They responded, “We just love people, we want our music to reach anybody that can relate. The ages would be between teenagers and young adults, we really want them to know that God cares about them. We really want to reach this generation.”

When did they start to do music, and what led them to do so? They said they were always intrigued and loved music, and they had their own style they want to represent. This journey did not begin until after High School. I have a quote from Kasairi that I simply could not leave out. Here’s what she had to say. “Well we grew up in the church and knew about God, but was not necessarily all in. We didn’t start music either until after High School”, I then asked how come, “Well because we then got REALLY SAVED after High School.” The reason I share this is because their personality is simply fun, energetic, and a bit of fresh air from all the seriousness. They want to express that they really love the Lord, and the joy and happiness is something we can all have. Through the art of music, life experience, and musical talent they wish to glorify Jesus.


Who are their favorite artists? They decided to share both Christian & Non Christian artists. For Kasairi, her favorite Non Christian artist was Eminem. She says she has always listened to him growing up and loves the way he is able to tell stories. His transparency and lyricism is another aspect on why she loves his music.
For BreeKay, her artist was Portor Robinson, for those who do not know he is an electronic producer and DJ. Her reason for choosing him is simply his craft. From her experience to attending his shows she loves the creativity of the show itself and the ability to make music that is well produced.

For Christian artists they both agreed that they both love two artists specifically, and that is Andy Mineo and Social Club. They love the two for one reason, they don’t lower themselves for the benefit of others. “BE YOURSELF”, is something they want to stay true to and that is something they believe Andy Mineo and Social Club have. Also for the producers, Gawvi is also someone that inspires BreeKay. The reason is for Gawvi’s ability to produce all kinds of music. His diversity as a producer is inspiring and is something she admires.

What is something they like to do in their free time, or maybe even hobbies? I asked if sports is perhaps something they like, Kasairi responded, “What is sports?” (Sarcastically). Though there is one thing they LOVE to do, and that is to play MARIO KART. Mario Kart is something they play weekly together and even more, but in regards to hobbies it would be to simply making music, they can stay inside and make music all day if they wanted to. Kasairi also personally expressed her love for The Legend of Kora.

To conclude, we hope this helps to get to know the artists a bit more. BreeKay & Kasairi are two talented artists that should be taken seriously.
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For now here is their project ‘nosubscribers’ and two singles they released this year.

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