It’s been 11 months since my life changed forever. During the 40 weeks prior to my son being born I don’t think I understood the magnitude of the responsibility that was I about to take on. My son was born January 8, 2015 and since then I experienced something I have never felt or seen before.

How can you love someone you barely know? Since the moment he was born I loved him. He never spoke to me. He never told me he loved me. He didn’t even know who I was for the first few months of his life. I remember the very first time I held him the rush I got from the overflowing love I felt. My soul and inner being knew what it was to love someone without knowing them.

How do you correct someone who likes to do what they want? I quickly realized my son is the type of person who pushes the limits. He takes chances and doesn’t think twice about the consequences of his actions. When I tell him no, his face expresses “why not?” When he attempts the same action for the second time, he expresses determination. When I tell him no again, he expresses extreme dissatisfaction.

Why does he come to me when he’s in pain? When he falls he looks to me or his mother to help him back up. When he is crying in pain, he wants one of us to hold him close. Why does he find safety in our arms? Why did he choose me?

One night I was reflecting on my life and family as I most often do. When thinking about my son it reminded me of who my Father was. How can God love me before He knew me? How does God reach out to me when I go astray? Why do I instantly run to God when I’m in need or in pain? How often does God tell me no and I do it anyways? How many times do I need to fall and God has to pick me back up?

The love for my son is unconditional just as God’s love is for me. There isn’t one thing my son could do that would make me stop loving him. It blows my mind knowing that God’s love runs deeper than anything we can humanly experience.

I want to encourage you with knowing God will love you no matter where you came from, what you been through, or what road you are currently on.

But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious,
    slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. – Psalm 86:15

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