Imagine a world if Reach Records never existed. Imagine the Christian Hip Hop scene if artists like Lecrae, Andy Mineo, and Trip Lee weren’t paving new ways for Christian artists to be heard.

Now I don’t want to diminish Reach’s achievements or what they are doing to engage culture. I commend what they are doing and am thankful for the thousands of lives they have touched. What I want to accomplish is to make you aware of the current issues within CHH.

If Reach Records didn’t exist would you try as hard?

Would CHH artists try as hard to get heard? It seems like now days artists will do anything to gain fan page likes and followers. A lot of times they write a “letter to [insert artist]” song to piggy back on that artist’s fan base because they know their fans will protect the artist. I do understand it is important to communicate with the artist issues you may disagree with but these artists don’t really care about confronting them personally. What they really want is to engage their fan base. This communicates laziness and at times almost slander.

Would you still want to contribute to Christian Hip Hop?

As the Reach Record empire grows, it seems that CHH has a constant influx of new artists. Most of these artists want to perform on big stages and they want thousands of fans to buy their music. What they are missing is the hunger for sharing the Gospel. They get so caught up in the music and career of it all that they forget the main reason why Reach exists. Reach Records has inspired a generation to be unashamed of the Gospel and to confront it head on. If you’re one of these artists, I say you need to reflect on your ambitions and realize your actual intentions. Becoming famous was never the goal, to use your gifts to save more souls is.

What happens when you don’t make it in CHH?

For some artists this is a harsh reality. Not every artist is supposed to make it big in CHH. This is a small genre compared to mainstream hip hop and at times it’s difficult to gain fans. A lot of artists who never really gain traction in CHH cross over into secular. When I say cross over, I’m not talking about making positive hip hop or music that is clean but with God removed. I’m talking about songs that are flagrant and self empowering.

What this tells me is that the intentions of artists who pursue this method were never really wanting to spread the Gospel. They saw the CHH community as an easy way to get people to hear their music and to connect with others. If CHH fans decide not to support you, I’m not saying you should quit but you should reevaluate your intentions and your business model.

Reach Records makes it look easy.

From the outside this is true. What most of us don’t see are all the hours of work and where they came from. Reach Records was founded in 2004. It wasn’t until very recently that they have garnered mainstream support in certain places. If you think back to only 5 years ago, they weren’t selling anywhere near as many albums as they are now.

To pull off what Reach pulls off now takes thousands of man hours. They have been grinding for 11 years and God has been blessing them along the way. You weren’t there when they had only a few fans. You weren’t there when the label was only a dream. You don’t see all that goes into building something like this.

Don’t get discouraged.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you see others doing what you want to do. I can almost guarantee that you haven’t been doing it as long and as hard as they have though. Starting something from scratch is not easy. It’s definitely not the path of many but the path of few. If your dreams and ambitions stay aligned with God’s intentions, the possibilities are endless. It’s when we take things into our own hands because we believe God isn’t moving fast enough, that is when we get into trouble.

God only gives us what we can handle.

God never gives us more than we can bear (1 Cor. 10:13). Will He stretch you and grow you? Yes. Will it be uncomfortable at times? Absolutely. God wants the best for your life but he also wants a better you.

Let’s reflect as to why we are doing what we are doing. Let’s think about why we are supporting or contributing within CHH.

We can’t change the state of hip hop if we are living a lie. Be honest with yourself, be authentic, and make good music. You’ll grow spiritually, fans will take you seriously, and you will gain support.

With the right intentions, we can all move forward together.

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  1. Gabriel Ballerini

    You give them too much credit. I know of tons of other equally talented artists that could easily lead the way. #RPSMG

  2. Anram Rivera

    Before RR there were many Christian artist that God used to pave the way. RR came way later. The way was paved for RR.

  3. David Jin

    There are other artists who could do it, but RR DID it. And it has been great for hip-hop for sure!

  4. Ashwill Frgvn Batchelor

    I don’t think I would have ever known about CHH, because I first started listen in to Lecrae – Prayin’ For You.

  5. Anthony Saint James

    We would still have God over money, Rmg, Collision, humble beast Etc. Thank God for reach tho

  6. Luis Rodriguez

    Uh… they just wouldn’t exist! Now if crossmovement, lampmode, didn’t exist, that would be a bad thing!

  7. Enock Mberego

    Actually, what if Cross movement didn’t exist? As for Reach we still have a lot, Lampmode, GOM, Humble Beast, Clearsight, Collision, etc. but yes indeed we thank God for Lecrae and his crew.

  8. Michael G Petit Sr.

    God’s plan would have went on with or without a Reach Records. Yes Lord. Should always be the response. Praise God Reach Records said Yes Lord

  9. Nick Chow

    Agreed but the article is about whether CHH artists would still want to be rappers if Reach didn’t exist. It is to encourage them as well when they look at their career and are not that successful yet. They don’t realize it too Reach 11 years to get where they are today.

  10. DavonnieKaliqueMenendez

    I totally understand that I was never even heard about reach or Christian rap music until some were near 2010 and then when I made my group YMDR Yo Music Dedicated records that was in 2013 and I’ve only done it for 2 years that way more time they spent then I did, but my group isn’t a record label it’s a Christian freedom of expression group. A while it took me to try to see what it could be so I though it could be a independent label or a record label, but their was more then just music being expressed in my group I made it to express any gift that the lord gives you. dancing, rapping, video, animation anything, but sadly we only reach out to the smaller crowds because their are not a lot of group that are like this. if more of them existed it would be different but their is not a lot of them. and we not even put in the era of CHH because we aren’t about profit or marketing. if we do get money it’s used to help the vision for YMDR. Because to us it’s more then just getting money blowing up and moving out of our state. it’s about helping people in our state and county learning about them. growing with them, and stopping the division. That’s a lot deeper than records getting sold and touring and all of that. Because you are not  just thinking of the people as dollar signs. you are helping them motivating them, impacting and inspiring them in a way that is making them see you as a regular person. one thing some mainstream people have taught us is that. they get all the glory because they have more skills and get more gratification then others they get pay more. some people even go as far as to say that their skill is super human. when anyone can make music and art and use it for the lord purposes without trying to be buy people off. the people in mainstream are humans they are not anything out of the blue, they are just like us they just have success that we don’t have, but what if their was a group that holding it down for the poor being well known for showing people truth without being cosigned or signed or being big in the industry or any of that. That’s why I made YMDR because I am glad and I like mainstreams music and stuff, but sometimes you want to make something that some people won’t expect from you. something that something that makes people see more then just your success but seeing you just the way are without the camera without big cosigns with the labels non of that. Our talents god created and we all reach people differently. Some of us not all because we do it for our self, but besides that. if people know what you represent and they know you are not just a profit artist or a dude that always thinks of your success but your humble then that’s way more of a reason people will want to be around you as a artist. because your thinking about the fan on deeper level then just talking to them a little bit wanting them to pay for your stuff all the time or any of that. your talent is worth something, but what I’ve seen is that people think oh if your not a record label or a shoemaker or a whatever. That makes you less then anyone who is in a commercial or in a movie or anything. god thinks we are great no matter what you are, and that’s what matters in YMDR. sorry about the longness of this I just had to say that. hope you check out website out and have a good day.

  11. George Gray

    Reach were very inspiring. I was banging Lecrae while he was on Crosd Movement. I think when they passed the torch, they made the right choice.


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