Wande and Rockstar Jt Break Down How They Value Their Youth

At the 2019 Elevation Conference, Wande and Rockstar Jt formed a panel focused on youth. The two young adult artists talked and answered audience questions about navigating life and how God led them to where they are today. This article breaks down what they had to say about how to value your youth.

Work Hard

A big part of valuing youth is working hard at where God has placed you in life. For Wande, if she did not work hard in school, she would have never attended the University of Texas. If she didn’t work hard there, she would have never have been honored by the university at this year’s graduation. So work hard with what God has given you, and He will keep opening doors for bigger opportunities in the future.

Patience With God’s Goals

Don’t rush to where God has called you to be. Young people may have the drive and talent, but the experience and skill are not developed yet. This goes hand in hand with the previous point and Wande’s example. She worked hard and succeeding in high school and college, which proved to Him that she could handle what He intended to come next for her. Be content with where God has placed you in life, grind, and know it’s a stepping stone to where he is leading you.

Be Content With Who You Are

In other words, “Don’t try to be the next person,” as Jt put it. This is especially important for artists because if you’re authentic, then a dedicated fanbase who likes who you are can develop. Jt brought up Cardi B as an artist that has dominated this aspect of life and artistry. Be who God created you to be because He is our perfect creator. Do not worry about what others think and think you’re a mistake.

Remember Comparison Kills

Along with trying to be like someone else, do not compare your life with someone else’s. Be confident that God made you how you are for a reason and that you do not need to match someone else’s success or personality. Wande said that, wherever you are in life, that is where God wants you to be. You must stay content with what God has blessed you with and that He knows what is best for your life.

Surround Yourself With Encouragement

To avoid becoming jaded or comparing yourself, create a space of encouragement for yourself so that you cannot fall into those traps. One method can be following a majority of Christians who post uplifting things on social media. Another could be writing scripture on sticky notes and placing them in your workspace or home. Reject those negative thoughts with Godly, positive ones!

This is just a sliver of what happened at the Elevation Conference. Keep your eyes peeled for more on the conference here on Rapzilla!