R4 is a very complete album by Viktory. Viktory pushed himself to himself to try new things and I really feel it paid off. With a total of 22 features on this album, you can expect a wide range of artistic diversity. R4 is a very solid album that I will definitely be listening to this summer.

Favorites: Be Relentless, Unstoppable, MayDay, Go With Me
Best Production: Unstoppable, MayDay, Inside Look

1. Intro

Viktory kicks off the album by sharing, what I feel, is a common misconception for many people: being a Christian means life gets easier. Any Christian knows that this is not the case. In many ways, life gets harder. But there is one constant: Jesus. No matter how bad our circumstances become, He is always there. His love makes it worth it all. I like this intro. I like the emotional, cinematic feel of the music and I like the clear, simple message. Nice intro.

2. Be Relentless

“Yayuhhh!” Viktory goes really hard with his signature style on Be Relentless. It’s clear to me right away that he is a man on a mission. It really doesn’t feel like he has a care in the world about what people think of him. He has a message to share and he is going to be “relentless” in doing so. Viktory’s delivery is on point. His delivery and style have always been pretty distinct to me, but on Be Relentless, he adds that extra “it”. Overall good track.

 3. Oh Yeah (feat. Trini)

Oh Yeah has a dope little riff to it. I was feeling Viktory’s lyrics and rhyme scheme on this track. We hear our first feature of the album, Trini. I think she sounded great. The song title and hook were a bit simple, but I don’t think it was too too bad. Trini’s runs make it better. I like how Vik had Trini add a little dub on his verses. It added a nice touch and element to the track. There were a couple things that made Oh Yeah work for me that, without them being present, I don’t think I would have liked this track at all. It was a nice choice of beat, how Vik incorporated Trini in the song was good, and he stayed consistent with good lyricism. A combination of these things allowed me to overlook the other elements that I weren’t feeling so much.

4. God Over Everything (feat. ZG)

One thing is for certain, Viktory loves ZG as much as I do. God Over Everything is the first of three tracks that ZG features on. Let me just get this out now so that I don’t have to speak in-depth about it on the next tracks he’s on. ZG is the real deal. The dude is so incredibly talented. Having personally worked with him, his talent blew me away. Get used to seeing his name a lot. On God Over Everything, he lays down a simple hook that is not over the top in it’s dynamic, but he still makes it his own with his great ability to harmonize and stick runs. Really listen to a ZG hook and more times than not, there’s a lot more going on there than you first realize. Viktory reveals some of his past to us on God Over Everything. He shares that he is committed to his walk with Christ. Who else would we turn to in our moments of pain and hurt? God is the answer over everything. The beat on God Over Everything was pretty good, but the artists made this track.

P.S. I caught that TNT reference Vik! You wrong for that one bro! lol

5. The Fa’ Realer (feat. Fedel)

The Fa’ Realer was the first track on this album that I’m really not feeling. From the beginning, it was a bit gimmicky for me. I get the message that Vik was trying to portray. The message really wasn’t the issue for me. It’s a fun track. Vik makes a lot of shout outs and shares some truth. I wasn’t too fond of the beat. It’s also not that Viktory doesn’t go hard. I really like Viktory speeds it up and then slows it down shortly after. The whole track just felt a bit off to me. I can’t seem to put my finger on exactly what it is about this track. I also don’t feel like Fedel brought much an added element to this track on the hook. There was some good and bad on The Fa’ Realer, but it’s not one of my favorites.

6. Do It for the City (feat. Canton Jones & Andy Mineo)

Do It for the City is a nice track on this album. I really like Canton Jones on the hook. His style is just different because he doesn’t approach this hook as a pure singer i.e. ZG, but he brings much more to it than just rapping a hook. I like how the beat drops for the hook. This chorus is a nice rally cry. Viktory laid down a good verse, although, I prefer the beat in the first 8 bars than when it changes up. Andy really surprised me on his verse. I was expecting him to go off with speed like Viktory did. But that’s Andy for you, you never know what he’s going to do. Instead, he came in real chill and laid back. Andy Mineo always has some great rhymes and he didn’t let down in that area on this track. However, I’m a bit surprised that I feel the way I do because, quite honestly, I’ve always been biased in feeling that Andy can do no wrong in my opinon. I found myself waiting for Andy to go off with more energy. Don’t get me wrong…he went off with those lyrics. I just didn’t feel that he was as into it as I’m used to hearing. But that’s strictly my opinion. I’m a harsh critic of Andy because I know he’s capable of greatness. I like the combination of artists on Do It for the City.

7. Relentless Radio (Interlude)

Maybe I’m completely missing it, but I don’t really understand why this brief interlude was included. I’m all for interludes. I have no problem with them. I just don’t feel that this interlude, Relentless Radio, served much of a meaningful purpose. If I’m missing something, I apologize.

8. God Is Amazing (feat. ZG & KJ-52)

ZG sounded great on the hook and showed some of his range. At first, because this track is much different than what Viktory usually does, I was a bit wary. After the hook and the first half of VIktory’s verse, I was feeling it though. I was pleasantly surprised. But then it took a not so great turn for me. I really didn’t like where the beat went on the back half of Vik’s verse. It sounded really poppy in almost a corny way. It was those synths that did it for me. KJ-52 though. I really enjoyed his verse. And I loved it even more because it was so short and to the point. I wasn’t looking forward to hearing him rap over that second half of the beat. ZG definitely fit much better with those pop synths than did Viktory. It didn’t feel as out of place with a singer and it wasn’t as noticeable and obvious to me. I liked Viktory’s last verse much more on God Is Amazing. Again, Viktory has done a good job at strategically choosing multiple features to make a song come together.

9. Light of Life (feat. Cheyenne Sanchez)

Light of Life gets back to what Viktory does best. He changed it up and came in slow and staggered with his delivery and then speeded it up. His lyrics were strong on this track also. I really like the beat and the chorus is the best part of the song for me. I think Viktory did a great job with the hook. It’s not a complex hook, but what made it good was the pairing with the beat. This is the first time I’ve heard Cheyenne Sanchez and she sounded very good on this track. I actually would have liked to heard more of her on this track in the form of a bridge. The song kind of ended abruptly and I wish Vik would have utilized her a little more. I would like to have heard her range a little more. I like the encouraging message Viktory portrayed in Light of Life. I encourage you to go back and really listen to it in-depth and try to relate to him on a spiritual level, paralleling his lyrics to your own life.

10. Unstoppable (feat. T. Haddy, Bizzle)

Woah…just go ahead and play that back. Man! These fellas killed it on Unstoppable. I’m not sure where to start. Okay…T. Haddy sounded awesome on the hook. The dude’s got dope style man. Viktory set the bar and came in firing off bars. The exchange to Bizzle was just as good, surprisingly. I don’t say surprisingly because I was expecting any less from Bizzle. The dude is a beast. But Vik just went so hard it was difficult to initially believe that Bizzle could match it. But man… Back to T. Haddy on the hook. I just really enjoyed hearing him sing this hook. This beat’s crazy. The song’s crazy because it has so many different sides to it. I really like the change up in the beat when Vik comes back in, then it picks up, and slows back down again. That was a dope transition. Unstoppable is my favorite track of the album so far. And that’s feat in itself because my favorite tracks on an album usually don’t have a slow hook.

11. MayDay (feat. ZG)

MayDay is a really good track with an outstanding message. Viktory went pretty deep on this track and I applaud him for it. History buffs and Bible scholars should love this one. Or if you’re like me and just really appreciate learning from the past, you’ll enjoy this track also. Viktory’s second verse on MayDay is, in my opinion, his best verse of the entire album. MayDay touched on so many different areas that it’s essential you go back and listen to it multiple times. Viktory brought incredible truth on MayDay and made it a very strong track. I really liked a lot of the different elements on this track. Viktory used his effects well on this song. ZG sounded great and I loved what he did with the scales of “mayday”s. Great execution of artist collaboration, beat choice, song structure, and message.

12. Inside Look (feat. Sho Baraka & J.R.)

High Society in the building! Inside Look starts off strong with a real nice beat that has a cool, changing structure. I liked how Viktory transitioned in also. J.R. is a dope artist. Everything he touches seems to turn to gold. He’s one of the most artistic individuals I’ve heard in hip hop and R&B lately. Having him on this hook was an excellent decision. As is usually the case on features. HiSoc sticks together. I loved Sho Baraka’s verse in this song. He showed some real vulnerability and transparency. I loved his honest heart on this track, the good and bad. I really enjoyed Inside Look.

13. Broken Promises (feat. Pastor Ad3, Dre Murray, Json & Kelly Kelz)

Broken Promises is a great arrangement. I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with Viktory’s choices of features. Broken Promises is a unique old-school feel to it yet current at the same time. I really like the feel of the song during the verses. Both Dre Murray and Json gave their unique perspectives on Broken Promises. Pastor AD3 and Kelly Kelz are a great team. One of my favorite songs is Runaway off of his album. I like how Viktory chose to let the song play out. Often times, I feel artists don’t get listeners enough time to think about what the song has stated when they end it and move on to the next track so quickly. I appreciate Viktory taking that risk of the song being too long and letting it flow naturally. Real nice track.

14. Go With Me (feat. McKenzie Lockhart)

Go With Me is one of my favorite tracks on R4. I was really ministered to through this track and it spoke to me personally. I love the message and the chorus was very well-written. This beat was perfect for the message. I’m really feeling the truth that Viktory is sharing on this album. A lot of his tracks make you think and aren’t shallow. What I think Viktory can improve upon is incorporating bridges are different elements to his songs instead of just repeating the chorus multiple times. The vocalists he has had on this album have been really good. I’d like to see him give them a little more free range. McKenzie Lockhart sounded really good on this track and I liked her fills at the end of the track. I wish she could have gotten the opportunity to do a little more.

15. Relentless Radio (What Is R4?)

Instead of editing my previous comments on the last interlude, I’m going to keep it like it is because that is still my initial reaction and I think many people probably felt the same way. After doing some research online, I figured out that Hot 103.5 is an actual radio station located in Huntsville, AL. I didn’t know that though. That’s the issue I had with the previous interlude. I was completely lost as to knowing if it was just a gimmick created for an interlude or not. To the best of my knowledge, Viktory was a guest on their praise and worship segment of the station. This interlude is much better because he uses it to actually explain the meaning behind R4. As to if this was a real caller or not, I still don’t know!

16. Wherever I Go

Viktory takes it back to a hard banger in Wherever I Go produced by GeeDA. GeeDA always produces some hard beats. Wherever I Go kind of lost my attention after a while. The whole song kind of sounded all the same. That sounds weird because it’s like, “Well of course…it should.” But, there was nothing that stood out to me on this track. It wasn’t that Vik was off with his verses or the hook was bad. The beat was pretty good too. I just wasn’t feeling it as much as some of the other tracks.

17. U Know What It Is (feat. PRo)

RMG representing as PRo rolls in to take on U Know What It Is with Vik. I kind of like what they did with PRo’s verse by bringing it back and chopping it up/ad-libbing over it. The hook made me move in a slight way. Y’all are like, “What are you talking about?” I’ll explain…it made me subtly nod my head a bit. It wasn’t enough to make me feel real good about it, but the way it was worded, in a staggered way, gave it a nice flow.  This wasn’t Viktory or PRo’s strongest verses however and I’m a big PRo fan.

18. R4 (Relentless 4ever)

R4, the title track, was one of Viktory’s strongest showings on the album. For the reason I liked Be Relentless, I liked R4. Viktory didn’t hold back and he went off. I think Vik is best when he’s rapping with a sense of a chip on his shoulder and a determined mindset to relay a specific message that he is extremely passionate about. *Yayuhhh* “RRRR4444!”

19. R4 (Remix) [feat. R-Swift, Swoope, GI Magus, Vice Vrsa, Jin & Bizzle]

I like the combination of artists on the R4 (Remix). Swoope though man. This dude always comes so hard with his lyrics. I couldn’t help but smile when I heard Jin on the track. Love that dude’s work! Bizzle went off like always. Wow…I’ve never heard Vice Vrsa but he went in on that joint! Nice track!

20. Featured Emcee Contest Cypha

The R4 Featured Emcee Contest Cypha was put on by DaSouth.com in collaboration with Viktory. On this track are some of the winners voted in by fans and Viktory and his team.


R4 gives the listener a little bit of everything. Tracks like Be Relentless, Unstoppable, and R4 give the listener their fill of the banger genre. While tracks like Light of Life, MayDay, and Go With Me really engage the listener in a deep way, causing them to evaluate life.

My favorite aspect of this album is Viktory’s incorporation of features. Just hearing the number, one may jump to the conclusion that an album with 22 features is too much. However, it worked for Vik. The reason it worked is because he has such a good blend of features that complimented each other. I could go into an elaborate dissertation about each grouping, etc. but just know that I really enjoyed the features on this album and it is one of the main reasons for it receiving a high score.

I enjoyed 90% of this album. That says a lot for anyone. To put it simply, we aren’t all going to like every single style, genre, etc. I feel that Viktory succeeded in the areas where he took risks and branched out of his comfort zone. I feel that he shined in the areas that he is already established in. The reason you will enjoy R4 is this: you could not even enjoy Viktory personally (but I really think you will) and still enjoy a vast amount of this album because of all the features. The production was consistently good. It was hard to choose between the tracks because all of them sounded close to the same (good). Great job Vik and great album.

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