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Uriah – The Stars and Their Places

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  1. Shekina

    This is my new favv. album. Listening to it non stop please keep up the good work. God bless you forreal.

  2. ShaNsHaN

    Wow! I understand why you wanted to make sure you had the right arrangement of sound. It’s really mellow and the spoken word element is my fav part! Continue making wonderful music!

    • Uriah

      Thank you so much!! Yes this is a very personal album, I love that you dig the spoken word!! Thanks again!

  3. Ruben S. Mireles

    Great work, this mixtape is amazing! It’s all well done, dream big! Praise HIM

  4. Ken Chism

    Love this album it’s so inspirational god bless you and keep up his work making music for the spirit

  5. Andrew

    Dont know bout yall but this album is DIVINE….seriously people. Try listening to it while lying on your beds…its crazyyyyy..yo Uriah u truly did an amazing job..stick the word and you’ll see dead people resurrect. This is godly yall..errtime i listen to the album i’m pulled somehow to the presence of the Almighty Creator…greetings from germany Uriah

  6. Cesar

    i got this in 2011 but im still bumpin it Big Shout Outs to Uriah …Glory to God hope to hear another one

  7. fluidwriter

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