The new trailer for the upcoming Marvel superhero movie, X-Men: Apocalypse gives strong indications that the movie incorporates overt Biblical themes in its storyline.

It looks as though the X-Men’s latest nemesis, Apocalypse, is an ancient being from early in Earth’s history and the first actual mutant. The trailer suggests that this super-powered mutant was looked at as a god and worshipped by several cultures by several different names. Yahweh is mentioned as one of them. It’s also hinted that this being may be responsible for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and even his name is biblical.

All of this sounds like the familiar territory of giving religious history and biblical events that ancient astronauts, aliens, and mythological spin we’ve all seen before in popular movies and science fiction. It remains to be seen how far these themes are taken and how “religious” the tone of the movie ends up being. From the trailer it looks like things are off to an interesting start.

Granted this is a fictional movie, but do these kinds of storylines bother you as a Christian? Would you not go to the movie because of them? Is it just entertainment? Let us know what you think.

The movie is scheduled to open in theaters May 27, 2016.

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  1. obeyurmasta1

    If u didn’t notice world is turning up their blasphemy level. And fake “biblical” movies are probably far worse than x-men…but yeah people should keep God out they mouth unless its too lift his name up.

  2. Robb Wood

    I would say because the whole concept of mutants in this context is fictional based on reality, that their incorporation of religious themes is solely to relay the depth of intensity they wish to communicate, I didn’t interpret it as irreverent, just for entertainment purposes. There’s many movies that have done this, even Ghostbusters back in the day brought up end times references.

  3. hypercoyote

    As long as you remember that this is not a Christian movie, I think you can keep your expectations in check.  I will admit, I get excited when I see a secular movie properly portray Christ or Christianity, but just realize this movie is written from a secular mindset.

  4. Akande Davis

    I think it’s dumb. Even if there are mutants there are so many things that mutant can’t account for. Also the Biblical themes aren’t even accurately portrayed; Apocalypse is described as Yahweh? Really now? The characteristics of Yahweh obviously don’t even remotely match a bloodthirsty blue mutant, but of course, Hollywood stretches it as far as it possibly can.

  5. GeorgeChatters

    This movie will not be the first or last to copy and mimic the prophetic writings of Revelations, Daniel or Isaiah…. plus most directors and script writers take entertainment liberties to express a p.o.v. that supercedes historical relevance.


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