Untdld shares why he wrote ‘Refocus’

Untdld sat down and poured out more details on his latest project and what drives him to excel as an artist.

NewH2O: Your most recent project Refocus has a heavy theme on what seems to be a testimony driven project.

Untdld:  Refocus came from a place of self examination. I began to realize that I had a lot of pride. I had gotten to a place where I was more focused on the numbers as opposed to how my music was impacting people. I had to remind myself why I was making music. Along with Refocus I wanted to introduce myself again. I felt like I didnt do that on my first project. My testimony is what shaped me and I wanted to share that God can change anyone.

NewH2O: What led to you creating this project and the rebranding from Joe Johnson to Untdld

Untdld: I changed my name from Joe Johnson to UNTDLD or Untitled for separation. There are thousands of Joe Johnson’s on iTunes and Spotify. Also at my church I am a deacon. When I was ordained everyone would call me joe then correct it to deacon joe lol. I didn’t care for the title justo wanted to be a servant so I told everyone to call me Untitled lol.

So I ran with it for my music. When you hear me hear God. Don’t see me see the God in me. I’m nobody but a servant. I’m Untitled.

NewH2O: Consistency is a common theme with artists and music around content creation these days. Outside of shows, what are other ways that you remain consistent and visible with your audience as the landscape and noise continues to grow?

Untdld: I’m starting to be more active on my social media platforms. What I mean is more Facebook live and IG Live time. Connecting with people that rock with me, kind of using my platform to promote local artist music that are not as popular and talking about current events. Stay tuned because I have a podcast series I’m starting that will kind of dissect my music and talk about current events and faith.

NewH2O: Could you share your origins as an artist and what led you into CHH specifically?

Untdld: I grew up on Cross Movements and then was exposed to Lecrae and reach. I have every reach album in my iTunes playlist. Around age 8 I started crafting songs with no instrumentals. I had a notebook full of verses and hooks no beats tho lol. I ended up losing that book and ultimately losing my passion to write.

Fast forward to 2016 after connecting with my current pastor, Pastor Earlie James of Liberty Philly West my passion was rekindled. I’m a firm believer that your life purpose is connected to your spiritual father and or mother. After spacing time praying the Lord showed me that this is an aspect of my calling.

I told the Lord that as long as I have breathe I will tell the world about him through rap. I’m a Christian in hip hop therefore I’m a Christian Hip Hop Artist.

NewH2O:As Christians we share a common goal which is to get the gospel out to the world. I think as artists, things like streams and views or even show attendance might overshadow that most important goal. In what ways have you seen the gospel get communicated to the people who listen to your music?

Untdld: I’ve gotten personal messages in my dms from friends, co workers, etc. who aren’t saved that express how impactful my music is. I also have family members who don’t believe in Jesus at all but they respect me and respect my music and they share it on their platforms.

I look at it like this, we might see immediate salvation but we played a part in it. The Bible say in. 1 Corinthians 3 that one man plants, one man waters but it’s God who gets the increase and the planter and the one who waters will be rewarded.

As long as people are streaming seeds are being planted.