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If you asked me last week who T-Word a.k.a. The Wizard Man was I probably wouldn’t be able to answer. But if you asked me today I’d have to tell you he’s a fresh young talent who’s got a bright future! T-Word tackles many “main stream” songs and add his energy to them which gives a whole new sound to the familiar tunes.

1. IntrO- The intro is hot! T-Word’s flow is energetic and definitely captures the listeners attention throughout the track which sets the pace for the entire mixtape!

2. Who Dat- T-Word keeps the energy high with the re-imagination of J. Cole’s smash hit, Who Dat. But make no mistake about it, this is 100% JESUS MUSIC. T-Word has a flow that will be enjoyed by the junior high/high school crowd but a message that can touch every single generation. On this song T-Word shows us how to be young, fly and saved at the same time.

3. Breathe- This track shows the free style abilities of T-Word. And I have to say I was very impressed by his skills. This right here is a must listen.

4. Go!!- Okay right here we here T-Word use some Auto-Tune as he raps over a real upbeat arcade type beat. This isn’t a bad track and it will definitely keep you moving! This track is all about going hard for Christ. How can you not like it?

5. G-stuff Remix- Abstinence has never sounded good. T-Word swears off sex and the promiscuous life on this track and still makes it fun to listen to.  I really like what he did with this one.

6. B.M.F. RemiX- This is a crazy anthem track which T-Word’s lyrics carry the entire song! T-Word’s youth does not effect his lyrical abilities.

7. Holla @ Me- I kind of got lost in translation with track initially but after listening to a second time I enjoyed it. T-Word is offering Christ to the listeners.  If you actually listen to what he says you definitely will be impressed about the youngsters witness.

8. What Up?- When T-Word ditches the computer his delievery comes off well polished and definately impresses. What Up follows a simple formula once again T-Word shows his skills on the mic. This is a good track and I definitely kept hitting the repeat building!

9. Miss Me Freestyle- T-Word raps over the Drake song on this one. Not going to lie, this track didn’t do much for me and I was a bit disappointed. The lyrics are good but the delivery leave a bit to be desired!

10. BeaMeR, BenZ, BentleY- T-Word flows over the Cali Hyphy friendly track. The Wizard Man speaks on a lot on this song. Pre-Marital Sex, drugs, booze, Materialism and the rap industry. This is a must listen.

11. Tie Me Down- T-Word re-imagines the New Boyz * Ray J, “Tie Me Down” Lyrically this song is really deep and T-Word really speaks some truth. Unfortunately T-Word’s message is buried underneath the famous “T-Pain” voice. All in all this was a good song though.

12.Outro- T-Word ends the cd the same way he started off; high energy. And this beat bumps so you definitely will be able to bump this throughout your neighborhood.

Tunes 4 Skool was a solid effort by T-Word. This young man has a great future when it comes to Kingdom Music. Tracks that stand out are, T-Word shows us that he is lyrically sound. Which leads me to my next point. The tracks that T-Word relies heavily on Auto Tune, come up short. I’m not an advocate for Auto Tune but I can respect it when it’s done correctly(see my Swoope review), but in the case of T-Word Auto Tune is more of a musical handicapped.

All in all Tunes 4 Skool is a great mixtape and eyes have not seen nor have ears what the Lord has in store for Mr. T-Word. Show him some love y’all. Until next time~ Preacher Boy

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