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  1. Tremayne

    Creative, way to step outta the box. I’m a substance and concept rider and loving what’s put together here

  2. mischa street

    Hey, I Love This Song, But In The Video Why Does Trip & Jai Promote the Mark Of The Beast?
    In The Vid They Have The Mark & And The End Trip Lee Looks At it Then Walks Of This It’s Cool… Please Reply On This, It’s Confusing & It’s A False Message… The Lyrics In A Christian Song Is The Same As The Sunday Morning Sermon You Hear Form Your Pastors… It’s Just In A Different Way Of Speading the Gospel… So If Trip Is Show People That It Is Okay With The Mark (Excluding The Lyric In The Song) Then This Is False Preaching …Preaching Can Be Done Through Music (Okay)…. Not Just The Speaches N Stuff…. Even Lecrae & Tedashii Use The Devil Horn Symbol… In The Vid Trip Lee Puts Up the 666 Symbol… I’m Not Hating On Them I Love There Music… Amazing Stuff … But There Are A Lot Of Small Details People Do Not Notice… And These Things Have Just Got Be Think…. Is It Them Or The People Behind All the Cameras Telling Them to Do It???
    Please Reply 🙂

    • Jahmaol Clark

      I think thats a misled observation. Have you met anybody from reach? If you have, you def can see that they have an authenic walk. I don’t think its false messages.

  3. Brannon Wilson

    Guys, it’s not the mark of the beast. It’s a concept video where the tattoo/code was used to identify those who followed Christ. A mark does not automatically mean the mark of the beast, especially when the song is specifically about Jesus and those who follow him. I hope this helps to clear up any confusion. God Bless.


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