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New CHH Compilation EP
By Artist: Trant
EP Title: A Ram in the Bush


Say That feat Dee-1 and Yaves (Produce by Frank Boi)
No Choice feat Dre Murray, Tony Tillman, Corey Paul, and Ron Riley (Produce by Frank Boi)
Grace and Love feat Todd from Team Zoe, Dwayne Reed, and Decipha (Produce by DrumWisdom of Z4L)
Good Noize feat Taelor Gray, Dwayne Tryumf, and Huggy (Produce by Frank Boi)
War Zone feat Team Zoe and JasonJoelle (Produce by Jaymison Beverly)
Cold Blooded feat Braille, Kareem Manuel, and Cai (Produce by Frank Boi)
Free at Last feat ThaKidd Jopp, Huggy, and Dwayne Reed (Produce by Dirty Rice)

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