Trachead Family – Praise Invasion Vol. 2 The Revival | Mixtape

January 27, 2011



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    This mixtape is pretty decent. A lot of the singers are really great! The singer on Right Thru me and the first dude to sing on the Can't Be Lost track should hit me up! Love to have ya'll on one of my projects. @D_Tropp is my twitter... 847-254-7740 is my number. Shoot me a text, let's chop! Good work

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    do they take request?

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    i love the trachead family yall r awesome muah

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    Feeling Right Thru Me, may be the best song of the mixtape. Overall, thought everyone on the album put it in hard work. Enjoyed the album. Keep up the good work. 301

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    I was just looking for Nicki Minja Super Bass and ran into the Last train to Heavens Super Bass. I fell in love with it! My parents think I am weird for listening to non christian rap and stuff like that, truth is I don't even listen to the words half the time. But now that I will be worshiping god whil listening to super bass is awesome! You guys touch lives doing this! DON'T EVER STOP!

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    wow spoken word..letter from God is so powerful i love it

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    Y'all are very inspiring mienz, just d words of the song helps when u felt like everything was falling apart... Gives u hope!! I <3 Hold My Hand!!

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    this is boss!! awesomee yoo.

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    louieville galinato

    woooooo christianity seems to be the best way to express who you are... i love you guys.... more power to you....

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    I just want to say thank you for your music snd God Bless you guys for all your hard work this is the kind of music ive been looking for to keep us from the temptation of the worldly music

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