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Torey D-Shaun – Boopie (EP)

August 13, 2018


Torey D-Shaun – Boopie (EP)

Torey D’Shaun out of East St. Louis, Illinois is looking change lives with his new EP entitled “Boopie”

The general Message behind the EP is that we are all broken and only God knows the true us but we constantly put on an act and uphold a reputation that’s not even us. My mother called me Boopie as a baby, but I was ashamed of that name but everyone who called me “Boopie” knows me unlike anyone else.

A story of how God knows “Boopie” while everyone else knows Torey D’Shaun and all the while, knowing the dirt Boopie has done. He loves me more than anyone who knows, Torey D’Shaun. We need to wear our dirt, it shows God’s redeeming power.

Torey D’Shaun Tracklist:

1. Beautiful L
2. Boomerang
3. One Day
4. Debt Free ft. Zauntee
5. Gucci Louie Prada Scuse Me
6. Where I’m at in Life ft. Danielle Apicella
7. Beserk ft. Joey Vantes
8. I Know Who I am

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Believer, Husband, Father, Business Owner, Media Marketer. A life-long lover of music with a passion for spreading the Gospel using digital technology. Owner and operator of JudahNation and CHH Network Radio.
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