Top 10 Highest Grossing Christian Films

August 24, 2017


Top 10 Highest Grossing Christian Films

It seems like faith-based films are finding their way. More and more Christian-themed movies are getting the financing and distribution they need to reach your local neighborhood cineplex. They’re attracting more name stars, bigger budgets, broader exposure, and most importantly, greater audience support than ever before.

Which ones have you seen? Here are the top ten highest grossing Christian movies of the last 20 years, starting with number 10 and moving up to the number one money-maker of all time:

#10 — The Nativity Story ($46.4 million) 2006

A reverent, well-crafted tale of the events leading up to the birth of Jesus.


#9 — Soul Surfer ($47.1 million) 2011

The true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton (AnnaSophia Robb) who loses an arm in a shark attack. Refusing to give up and supported by her loving parents (Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid), she works against all odds to return to competition. When the 2004 tsunami devastates Thailand, Bethany discovers a greater purpose.


#8 — God’s Not Dead ($62.6 million) 2014

When a college philosophy professor (Kevin Sorbo) calls upon his students to accept the notion that “God is dead,” a Christian student (Shane Harper) refuses to disavow his faith and agree. The professor then challenges him to prove the existence of God or else fail the class.


#7 — Son of God ($67.8 million) 2014

The life story of Jesus from his humble birth and teachings to his crucifixion and ultimate resurrection is wonderfully presented by the supremely competent producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett.


#6 — War Room ($73.7 million) 2015

Great jobs, a wonderful daughter, and a beautiful house, make it seem as though the Jordans have it all. Behind it all however, their lives are crumbling under the weight of infidelity, temptation, bitterness, and the strain of a failing marriage. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they meet enigmatic Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie) who encourages the couple to find happiness through prayer.


#5 — Miracles From Heaven ($73.9 million) 2016

A family’s lives are transformed when the daughter, who suffers from a rare and fatal digestive disorder, finds herself miraculously cured after surviving a terrible accident. Featuring Jennifer Garner.


#4 — The Shack ($96.4 million) 2017

After a family tragedy, a grieving man profoundly questions his faith and beliefs. He receives a mysterious letter urging him to come to an abandoned shack in the Oregon wilderness. Despite his doubts, he goes and encounters an enigmatic trio of strangers that help him find important truths that will transform his understanding of his tragedy. Based on the book of the same name.


#3 — Heaven is for Real ($101.3 million) 2014

When his son claims to have visited Heaven during a near death experience, a small town father (Gregg Kinnear) tries to find the courage and conviction to share the extraordinary, life-changing experience with the world. Based on a true story.

#2 — Hacksaw Ridge ($175.3 million) 2016

Mel Gibson directed this story of an American pacifist Christian soldier in World War II who refused to carry or use weapons. His unarmed heroism earned him the Medal of Honor.


#1 — The Passion of the Christ ($611.9 million) 2004

The top spot goes to The Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson’s fervent, meticulous, Biblically accurate, and graphic telling of the crucifixion of Jesus.  Jim Caviezal plays Christ in a movie presented in Latin and reconstructed Aramaic with English subtitles.



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