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T’Juan – YesterYear

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  1. Ty Watcher

    “I grind, I gets it in, all my haters are behind me, Im gonna be at the top, because Jesus loves me” is what I always get from his music….

    remember this is just my personal opinion… but also remember to look past the music and hold everything up against God’s standard. I’ve been prayin for this brother for awhile. I’ve had the opportunity to meet him and share words with him, so dont think Im any type of hater…IM NOT AT ALL… Im not hear to question T’Juan’s salvation… but I often times question the content of is music.

  2. D-Tropp

    This tape is very well produced, DJ Whoo Kid is obviously well known in the secular industry, but that’s not where I have problems with this mixtape. The problem I have about this is that God seems so watered down. You hear a lot about his success or about how he wants to “head to the top,” but (in my opinion) it would be more beneficial to rap about how God needs to be at the top. I just feel as though this tape is filled with a bunch of punch lines, a bunch of self proclaimed success, and then God thrown in there from time to time and they call it christian rap. Idk, this dude is super talented I’m not tryna diss him! I also understand that you don’t always have to say God to make a song christian… but when you speak about the opposite of what God says in the bible (staying humble, counting ourselves as loss, etc) I tend to not call this christian music. The point of Christian music is to open eyes to souls, build souls up… I don’t necessarily agree with anyone watering down the power of the bible in order to make their music easier to listen to. Much love to you T’Juan maybe we could chop it up about this sometime, nothing against you personally.

  3. todd

    is that song gun charge done over a original beat or is that music other people out there are using? if any one know please post. either way that is a serious song. that track will take the gansta right out of these dudes if they could hear it!

  4. todd

    is that song gun charge done over a original track or is that somethin that other artist out there are using? if someone know please post. that song will take the gangsta right out of these dudes if they could hear it!. great job either way because the lyrics are on point

  5. AnTone

    in my lifetime is my song!! the approach is real i like it. need a lil more scripture in these verses though….but im a fan bruh!!

  6. J.Morris

    I concur with the top 2 posts…the guy is talented, don’t get me wrong, but I see no humility in this mixtape. One of his lines: “I do it for Hip-hop.” Last time I checked, Christian rappers are supposed to do it for God

  7. i am truth

    i see some disagreed with my post tht the cd went mad hard, im just sayin eveyone ministry is different to reach different people that a lecrae or flame or anyone else cant get to. I can play this for a secular person and they could probably relate to it more than hearing lecrae. Dont get me wrong lecrae is an AMAZING artist and def one of the best but he cant reach them all God uses different people in different ways. And we as chirstians cant judge the man for doing his ministry, if he is wrong then let God deal with him and thats that, You got a fan in me T’juan im praying for you brother

    • Ty Watcher

      @I AM TRUTH, okay maybe the world will relate, but how are they to see Christ, if he isnt preaching Christ in his music, which there are hints of it there but its not enough to lead someone to true salvation that only Christ gives!!

      • i am truth

        @ ty watcher I completely understand where you are coming from and I agree. But being a person who is always in the barber shop here in Hollywood Florida we get for instance flo rida and fat joe and brisco and a few of secular names and they playing our kingdom music and as soon as they hear it its like to them oh its that same christian rap im used to. No def he could use more of the word to fulfill the spirit to introduce christ but def this will be something they could relate to. Not preaching to the choir is what Im saying. Yes the fulfillment songs for the church is needed and intro to non believers is needed but you still need that thing they see everyday and peak their interest. Listen to lecrae amazing artist and man of God and listen to Legion of Souls or Corey Red or even Rey King and you get 2 diff messages but focused on reaching for the same kingdom. But I def hear you homie

  8. Heeeeeeemyhero116fan


  9. Rell

    Nice the see the Vill is changing for the good my Guy I grew up in Queens Village aka Shadyvill lost my best friend…Keep it up fam

  10. Dom Jones

    All ears hear differently, I suppose.

    I hear humility. I hear a man for God.

    I don’t understand some of those who say they don’t hear it.

    Listen closer, people.

    Good stuff right here.

    It’s bait that doesn’t sellout or cross the line.

  11. mischa street

    Great Quality… but barely about Christ… it’s like R.Kelly, half God/half world (Lukwarm)
    The Fact that DJ Whoo Kid Produced it put me off straight away… then i saw Joe Galaxy (Secular Rapper) he had a song with T-Pain, “Booty Work”…. and now he’s on a Chirstian Mixtape??? that’s like if Lecrae did a song with Eminem or Snoop Dogg, no difference…. Don’t Mix Christ with the world…. Christ 110% or nothing.


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