Starring Thi’sl, Chad Jones, Nonna, Kenny Petty, Terri ‘Rocki’ Madison and Todd Genteman.

Written and Directed by Travis Thi’sl Tyler
Shot and edited by Kre8tor

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7 Responses

  1. Ray Anthony

    Loved it man it had that Menace to Society, Boys In The Hood, Paid In Full feel with the narration!

  2. LeCoy Gibbs

    This is awesome. Does anyone know how I can purchase this. I want to show it to my youth department. Awesome job.

  3. Brendan Leonard

    I’m not from the hood, so I was unable to fully grasp the truth of it, but I can very clearly see Thi’sl’s heart for the people in the hood and I could catch a painful glimpse of what goes down there through this. The characters and story were well done for how short the video was.

  4. Archie A Cunningham

    I liked it. It was solid. I agreed with Ray Anthony.


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