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  1. John Garcia

    my auntie thinks that this is not a christian single can yall plz give me some feedback so i can share it with her!!!!! plz and thanx

    • Juan

      I think what you need to do first, I tell you with love and care in my heart, because I had this issue too, determine what is Christian music for you. For me Christian Music is not people that are “Christian” and sing “Christian Music,” because anyone can sing Christian Music and call themselves Christians. But rather listen closely to the lyrics and what they are really trying to say. Does it edifies your spirit? and is the music gloryfing God? I think if you can judge a music using these two questions and honestly tell yourself the truth then by all means continue 🙂 I don’t think you should let people tell you what you should listen, because a true Christian would do what is best for his spirit. Remember not all Christians that call out to God will enter the kingdom. I hope that helps, I love hip hop and i have many artist that I listen too but also i have many artist that i rejected. I don’t want to tell you that this song is wrong nor do I want to tell you that is wright. I think you should analyse it and think about those two questions 🙂 God bless you <3


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