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5 Responses

  1. EddyJrNubine

    Stole every Lecrae’s and Andy mineos beats and some of there lyrics the whole album. C’mon man you gotta be original, this tape is no good.

  2. SaikoWoods

    EddyJrNubine I’m not a rapper, but isn’t that what the purpose of a mixtape is?

  3. PaytonPsalmstarGoldston

    SaikoWoods EddyJrNubine Yes that’s what a real mixtape is. Using other people’s beats and rapping over them. Usually a DJ mixes the project too.

  4. EddyJrNubine

    PaytonPsalmstarGoldstonSaikoWoods Ok on Lecrae’s ”Mixtape” he had all original beats.  Now this person didn’t even attempt to be original, no hate here

  5. NickChow

    EddyJrNubine PaytonPsalmstarGoldston SaikoWoods Lecrae is also a well known and established artist who can afford original beats from top level producers. Most people starting out don’t have that kind of budget.


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