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Hailing from The Garden State of New Jersey, The KENJEX are two gifted biological brothers, Kaleb (aka Kaleb Mitchell – 16) and Elias (aka Ben Beatz – 12). They write and produce their own material, and are also very talented musicians. Kaleb Mitchell has played the piano since the age of five and Ben Beatz has been playing drums since he was four years old. The brothers crafted the group’s name with the goal of capturing the essence of their ethnic & cultural and identity; KEN (their mother is from Nairobi, Kenya), and JEX (their father is from the Alexander Housing Projects in Paterson, New Jersey). Although their preferred method of communicating their deep and contemplative messages is through the medium of Hip-Hop/Rap, they are far more than just a rap group and would rather not be solely defined or categorized as such. Kaleb Mitchell is the group’s charismatic lyrical front man, a producer, and he also sings on many of the group’s tracks. Ben Beatz is also a proficient producer and holds the beat down live during performances.

The KENJEX will be releasing their debut album Due Time on December 1st, 2014. Due Time was mainly produced by The KENJEX, with help on a few tracks from producer Wontel. The entire concept for Due Time was based one simple word; change.

“There is a lot of negativity in music, particularly rap music these days”, says The KENJEX. “We just want to create great art that comes from a christian perspective, and can compete with what’s popular in the mainstream world today”. Due Time will be available for purchase on all digital retailers.

Haven’t heard of The KENJEX? Listen to one of their latest tracks below.

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