Who are The KENJEX? We asked the duo a few questions to allow us to get to know a little about who they are and a few fun facts. Share your comments below!

1. Who does The KENJEX consist of?
The KENJEX is composed of Kaleb Mitchell (16 years of age, lyrical frontman and producer) and Ben Beatz (live drummer, producer, and aspiring DJ).

2. Is music a temporary thing? Do you guys have dreams of different careers?
Music is most definitely not a temporary thing, but it is not the only thing in we want to do in life. Ben would like to pursue football and be the best wide receiver in the NFL, and Kaleb would also like to start his own graphic design company.

3. What is your favorite thing to do besides doing music?
Ben – play football. Kaleb – play basketball.

4. Do you have a favorite restaurant?
Ben – doesn’t have a favorite. Kaleb – Top’s diner.

5. Short synopsis of when you guys were saved.
Kaleb and Ben both accepted Christ at six years of age and were baptized.

6. Android or Apple?

7. What is an interesting/weird fact about you?
Ben – has been playing drums since the age of two. (In second grade Ben decided to cut his own hair with scissors). Kaleb – has been able to play piano by ear since the age of five. (When Kaleb was a baby he RARELY cried. He would sit and look at the ceiling for hours. The only time he would cry was when he was hungry).

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