As I write this the polls will be closing soon and the vote counting has already begun. Most of America is holding its breath waiting to see who our next President will be. By the time you read this, you will already know.

Some of you will be feeling like the dawning of a bright and hopeful new age has begun.

Others will be convinced the world is coming to an end, the floodgates of doom and destruction are open, and a plague of frogs is probably just around the corner.

Most of us at least are probably just glad it’s over and are ready to move on. I’ve never seen such a deplorable political race in all my life. The depths this campaign has sunk to were amazing. The hate. The fear mongering. The mud slinging. The childish behavior. It’s left me sad and tired. Are these two candidates what we get? Is this the best and brightest America has to offer to boldly lead us into the future? Is this how we respond, dropping our expectations, values, and beliefs in order to champion the best of the worst?

What’s been most amazing to me is how polarized people had become. Reportedly a whopping 80% of voters didn’t even like either of the candidates to any large degree. What they ended up getting all heated up about was not how great their candidate was, but how terrible the opposing candidate would be. Not a single person I knew tried to argue that their candidate was superior in any meaningful way, only that the opposing candidate was miserably, horribly, dangerously worse. They were armed with all manner of crazily spun and dubious media reports to support their increasingly outlandish accusations about the other candidate. Opposing viewpoints were never debated rationally, they were battled back with claims of media bias, secret pay offs, rigged systems, Illuminati conspiracies, or Russian hacking.

In the end, the campaign has not ignited or united us, it’s only served to divide and depress us. No matter if your candidate won or lost, we are all no doubt feeling the effects of a political hangover and facing the future with uncertainty.

No matter the results, no matter whether you are feeling jubilant or dejected, one thing is clear, what we need now more than anything else is not celebrating or pouting. What we need most is healing.

And the first step in healing is to remember one very important thing: No one candidate, no single political party, no individual president, no group of voters is, or every will be, “in charge”. God is. No matter what, God’s got this.

Sure, the days ahead will no doubt be challenging. But rather than anger and division, they’re going to take a lot of love. A lot of forgiveness. A lot of mending. And lots and lots of prayer. We’re going to need to come together, set our differences aside, and move forward together. It’s time to build the bridge.

And maybe that’s perfectly right and fine. Because who do you think is more suited for leading that forward movement? Who is more uniquely equipped to show our hate torn country the path of love and unity? Who has been any better trained in building bridges by the very Architect of Peace?

Christians. That’s right – people like you and me.

So win or lose, maybe this election is actually more about coming together than we realized. Maybe when we feel the most divided is when the opportunity to bring it all back together is the most accessible. And no doubt, that’s all just part of the Plan.

There’s a lot to do Christians. Let’s get busy.



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