New in theaters this weekend is “The Case for Christ” a compelling, true-life investigative journalism story in which a driven atheist reporter seeks to definitively disprove the existence of Jesus Christ and the validity of Christianity.

In 1980, hard-driving journalist Lee Strobel was on top of the game. He had been promoted to legal editor at the Chicago Tribune. His investigative reporting had won awards. He was married and had a daughter. And he was a devout atheist.

One night while having dinner with his family in a restaurant, his daughter chokes on her food and is saved by a random restaurant patron. Strobel’s grateful wife accepts an invitation to the woman’s church and eventually develops a new faith in Jesus Christ.

Strobel, troubled by the changes in his wife, sets about using his journalistic and legal skills to debunk Christianity and Christ himself in order to restore his wife to her senses and save his marriage.

He soon finds himself chasing down the biggest story of his life that challenges everything he knows. His strategy is to disprove Christianity’s central tenet, the resurrection of Christ. The only problem is, the deeper his digs, consulting with historians, archeologists, and theologian, the more he comes to believe what he doesn’t want to believe.

The movie is based on Strobel’s award-winning, bestselling book of the same name. It stars Mike Vogel (Bates Motel, Cloverfield) as Lee Stroble, Erika Christensen (Parenthood, Flight Plan) as his wife, and Hollywood heavy-hitters Faye Dunaway and Robert Forster. The movie is directed by Jon Gunn

Strobel says of the movie, “It’s been an incredible journey, not only to go from atheism to faith, but to see the raw reality of our lives played out on film. In the end, it’s our hope that everyone who sees it will take their own faith journey.”

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