Flawed Cartel Press Release Pic

Back in late 2015, Miami Native Hip-Hop artist, Still Diligent, posted on Social media that there were
some big announcements and changes coming in the near future.

In that time, Still Diligent started working with a new up and coming artist, by the name of Modest. As well as, an up and coming music producer by the name of Unorthadaks. Together, they joined forces to create the  new Hip-Hop trio known as Flawed Cartel.

The trio began to work on new ideas and music for the future. Now, the time has come to release their first appetizer single titled “Telemarketers.”

This will give the world just a little taste of what’s to come from Flawed Cartel in 2016.

What you can expect from Flawed Cartel is an Unorthadaks sound, with a Diligent approach, done in a Modest way.

Flawed cartel lives by the motto:
Flawed by nature, Forgiven by grace”.

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