Terry Crews posted this video on his Facebook page recently to come clean about a problem he’s been dealing with. You may know Crews from his professional football career as a player with the Los Angeles Rams, Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers, and Philadelphia Eagles. Or, you may know him from his acting career in such movies as Training Day and The Longest Yard and in TV shows such asĀ Everybody Hates Chris. But, you probably didn’t know (until now) about a secret that was tearing his world apart: addiction to pornography.

In this video, Crews, a devout Christian, talks candidly about his problem with pornography and how it was taking over his life. He offers key advice for dealing with the pornography issue, saying something that’s hugely true for any “dirty little secret” any of us may be dealing with:

“By not telling people, it becomes more powerful, but when you tell, and when you put it out there in the open…it loses it power.” Terry Crews


Dirty Little Secret

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