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Terence Penny speaks about how he had went through spiritual abuse at the hands of a pastor and some of the members. This all happened earlier in the year of 2015. Rebel biography coming soon to

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  1. obeyurmasta1

    I see you Penny. I went threw a similar situation just now. Not similar but church folk …they ain’t all well. So we learn….         Either preacher or follower, whether they know their falsehood or not.
            These people got the name of God on there lips and the faith of eternal life and forgiveness of our wrongs by Jesus Christ…but they want the power (to be like Christ), the blessing of Gods favor, and the glory of everlasting life. They think they will get it by doctrine…
             Some even think themselves the keepers of “christianity” and they run about ministering unto their own thoughts. Yet from the weak too the strong those in Christ are his watchers and guides. Not by doctrine but by truth, by spirit.


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