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    Coloring Chance to Christ

    I remember when I first started coloring my mom would always tell me, “Micah color inside of the lines”. No matter how much she petitioned for me to stay inside of the lines I always found myself to be an outside of the lines type of person. This past month 23-year-old Chicago rapper from 79th St. […]

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    Is Kirk Franklin Shining His Light in Mainstream Music?

    There’s seems to be something a little strange going on in the music world lately. And gospel powerhouse Kirk Franklin seems to be at the heart of it. Christian artists and secular artists often live on two different planets and those worlds don’t always mix well. Many Christian rappers decry the secular focus on drugs, […]

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    Chance The Rapper’s Tweet Suggests Christ Saved Him

    Chance The Rapper’s recent tweet suggests some movement regarding his relationship with God. He referenced Philippians 4:13 and said he was heading to church for additional help. Today’s the last day my old life, last day smoking cigs. Headed to church for help. All things are possible thru Christ who strengthens me. — Chance The Rapper […]