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Swoope is the 2nd artist to receive the coveted 5 bottle rating for his mixtape, A.I.R. The Abstract Intellect Revolution Mixtape. If you listened to Swoope’s 4 track EP, Applause then you know that he has undeniable talent. So it is no surprise that Swoope delivered a Kingdom Classic with his latest mixtape! So let’s begin the review.

1. A.I.R.- Swoope gives the listener a real laid back Old School vibe with this intro track. Although only 1:47 Swoope sets the pace and gives the listeners a preview of the lyrical superiority he will deliver throughout this mixtape. This song definitely shows Swoope’s dedication to breaking the mold of what a rapper is supposed to be.

2. King Kongs- This high energy, middle eastern style tracked has way more substance than a brilliant beat. This song reminds us that we can praise God and still have fun at the same time. I love the line, “I not stop praying for Acts 2, if all you do is come to church to act cute!” Wow. Throughout this verse Swoope is addressing Christians who come to church and give restricted prayer out of worry or fear of what others will think, do or say to them. And he addresses the ones who refuse to break out of tradition and cling to denomination. The bottom of this song is we all have to have unrestricted praise. This is a great song right here!

3. Super Mario Jesus- This is a pretty clever track, that brings back memories of spending countless hours breaking blue bricks and eating mushrooms to get bigger. (Video games people. Video games). You really gotta pay attention to this song because although it may initially it may seem like this isn’t a “Godly” song but the parallels and imagery is brilliant. This song solidifies Swoope as a top tier lyricist. I really hope y’all get the message to this one. This is one of my favorite tracks hands down!

4. Freddy Prince Feature- Freddy Prince, Swoope & Jozuph trade bars over the Maybach Music track as they drop some awesome Jesus lyrics. Freddy starts things off encouraging holy living telling us that the end reward will be being caught up with Christ. Swoope takes the baton from Freddy and carefully walks through Christ coming down to save us from our sins. Jozuph picks up from where Swoope left off and doesn’t miss a step from the prior two lyricists. These brothers were not only on point lyrically but their rhymes were infused with biblical scriptures. This is a must listen.

5. Diicypulz Feature- Swoope joins Diicypulz on this track. Production is pretty solid on this track as it embraces a rock hip hop beat! This is short but sweet!

6. Think- Reminiscent of a 1970’s Blaxploitation Film soundtrack, Swoope takes us back and causes us to relax. Swoope flawlessly spits over this old school beat. I’m not going to ruin this one for you. So all I do is invite you to listen!

7. Food For Thought- Swoope visits the Dirty South on this one. Production hits too hard! In this track Swoope tackles the forbidden fruits of life that we must avoid. I love the hook on this one. “Well son do you wanna hear well done? Or well son do you wanna be well done? Well son if you wanna hear well done. It’s your choice, listen to the story that I’m Tell’un”. Hmmm. The choice between life and death. The choice between heaven and hell. Wow! Swoope uses a lot of metaphors to illustrate the choice we all have to make. We are either living for Heaven or Hell. Once again, this is a track you have to listen!

8. Resist- Swoope keeps the biblical flow as he now encourages to resist on the Chopped & Screwed friendly track. I love that in each track Swoope is hitting us with actual scriptures. This song is more than just another banger, but it’s sending out a message. It’s tough dealing with temptation and flesh but we have the capability to resist.

9. Imani’s Song (Falling)- This song is very rock friendly as most of it’s energy comes from heavy drums and guitar. Swoope changes things up a little bit on this track and trades spitting fresh 16’s for a much more laid back crooning style. A definite love song, Swoope serenades his wife Imani. But 3 minutes into the song Swoope goes back to what most people know him as and that’s a rapper. He now effectively rhymes over a fresh new beat on his wife’s importance to him. This was a great love song.

10. Everybody’s Song (Thanking)- Once again Swoope brings an old school beat that makes us feel like we’re back on the block on a July afternoon. How this dude don’t run out of breath is beyond me but each lyric comes off flawlessly. After hearing this track you will know that Swoope is walking in his calling.

11. Keep Laughing/Keep Loving- So this track Swoope addresses an issue that we all face from day to day. And that is haters and those who criticize us. We all experience it and if we are honest with ourselves we all at times don’t deal with that like Jesus would. On this track Swoope makes it clear that he is not hear to make others happy and that he will not allow negativity to stop him from what God has called him to do.

12. Night of The Living Dead- I’m really digging the production. But the lyrics go too hard! This song is all about the killing of the flesh. Once again this is an interesting use of metaphors throughout the song but it is definitely one of my favorite songs on the mixtape, if not my favorite track. With each song on this mixtape, Swoope is biblically sound which only enhances the listening experience.

13. Honest Me Pt. II- Flesh must die. On this track Swoope further rhymes about his continued desire to kill the flesh. What I like is the way Swoope used one-liners and punch lines to describe this process. Production on this track is too sick! Once again Swoopecreates a hit which seems to be the trend of this mixtape.

14. Slow Down feat. Zoo Reject- I’m beginning to think that Swoope is a fan of the Chicago rap scene because his rhymes over 70’s sample driven track, reminds me of Kanye West and Common’s conscious rap. But as much of there music also has negativity with the positive, Swoope delivers lyrics pushing the Kingdom. I’m 14 tracks into the mixtape and I have not been disappointed.

15. Pull Ya Pants Up- Swoope addresses the young people on this one. Swoope addresses the phenomen of letting one’s pants hang low. All I have to say is just listen to it! I really think you all will like.

16. The Belt of Truth- This is an interlude where Swoope simply explains his previous song. His explanation will definitely cause you to see things differently.

17. Truth- Swoope tells us that there is no compromise in God’s truth. That means there can be no compromise in our walk with the Lord. Production on this track is amazing and Swoope doesn’t miss a beat offering one of his strongest lyrical outings on this mixtape which is impressive as every track has been a blessing.

18. Ya Know Who It Is- This song is repping Christ and giving all glory back to Him. Who is Jesus exactly? Well Swoope walks us through exactly who He is. This was a great way to end this mixtape.

So when it came time to decide how to grade this, well there was no mistake that there would be controversy if Swoope got anything other than a 5. Just as I said with the Canon cd (The First Kingdom Classic), this is a mixtape that I would’ve purchased. Swoope delivers some crazy beats, some crazy lyrics that really grab the listeners attention. But what is most refreshing is Swoope’s dedication to using scriptures in his music do nothing but bring his ministry to the next level. This is a Kingdom Classic y’all. I hope you all enjoy the review and the mixtapeas well. Don’t forget to support this Kingdom Music y’all. We have to spread this music around rather than a lot of the negative stuff we are subjected to these days. It’s about the enrichment of the soul and not the corruption of the soul. Love y’all and until next time~ Preacher Boy

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  1. addison garry

    I feel like swoope and canon are the leaders of the new gen of CHH. Sure throw KB into there too. Seriously though are there any young CHH artists that are as good as them?

    • Kelz

      Dude do we hav the same mind,u must hav bn connecting wit my Spirit bcos dat has bn in my mind but mine was in this form : The future of Chh is safe wit swoope,kb n canon.

  2. Jarke

    Swoope is just too good. I think the emergence of CHH is one of the best things 2 ever happen to the body of Christ. ‘Good’ and ‘Godly’ music is way better than any other kind of music out there.


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