SSMG: TRIANGLE OFFENSE is the first compilation album from the Sling Shot Media Group LLC label. Scheduled to release on all digital outlets July 7, 2014, ‘Triangle Offense’ is a re-launch of the Sling Shot Movement with a new generation of artist and affiliates. The project contains contributions from front-runner Yaves, Ron Riley, J-Flue, Trev-Eaz, and new editions J.Word, Aaquil and Jonathan Baker. Pre-Sale will start6.17.14 on iTunes.

The album features production from The Dreamcatchers, Ron Riley, and Jonathan Baker. It also features additional guest appearances from Armond Wakeup, Ceezar, and Barb Fant.

“We are excited about the debut of our first compilation project, throughout the years we have challenged ourselves to stay consistent and unique through bringing a sound that is authentic and sonically ours; Triangle Offense is a packaged form of that challenge.”-Yaves

‘Triangle Offense’ will introduce the listener to some of the upcoming artist and musicians that have earned their spot within the Sling Shot Movement. Pushing the sound beyond the usual boundaries, ‘Triangle Offense’ is explosive and innovative, this is not just a singular moment, but a full fledge movement.

Official Tracklist:
1. The Triangle- Yaves
2. Yuck- Yaves feat J. Word, Aaquil
3. 3 – Aaquil feat ArmondWakeup
4. Lambs Become Lions- Ron Riley feat J. Flue
5. Rebound Interlude- The Dreamcathers ft Barb Fant
6. Seeing Triangles-J.Word, Ceezar, Jonathan Baker
7. Right Here- Jonathan Baker
8. Rosecrans- J. Flue
9. 1-3-1 Interlude- Jonathan Baker ft Barb Fant
10. 10 Miles- Trev-Eaz, Yaves, J. Flue
11. All For Show- J.Word feat Tijuana Watkins
12. Knowledge- Aaquil feat Yaves
13. Rooftop Thoughts – Ceezar
14. Ring Ceremony- The Dreamcatchers feat Barb Fant

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  1. Ray Anthony

    Actually I am lookin foward to some new music from SSMG as a team its been a min!!


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