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9 Responses

  1. Denaj Seymour

    I’m not sure why I like this album. Awkward is what I sound like for real.

  2. Dominic Dreighton

    Is that San Antonio on the album art? Looks familiar.

  3. Bezalel

    This album is sooo good; never really paid attention to his old stuff, but this is that chill music… soo dope. God bless Spzrkt.

  4. AshTVJ07

    Love this album! Love this artist! Love how God is represented in it! Its crazy… as much music that I have from this artist I am just now realizing it is just one person, I always thought this was a group of people. So when I would write comments I would always refer to him as “you all” or “you guys”. lol

  5. LQuintalStitt

    Bezalel Funny. I feel like I was overlooking SPZRKT, kind of like how you said, not paying attention. This album is an attention grabber!


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