Spotify Releases Looping Visual Program for Artwork

October 18, 2019

Spotify Releases Looping Visual Program for Artwork

Spotify For Artists is trying to keep ahead of the streaming industry and give artists another marketing tool by creating looping visuals for artwork with Canvas. The program adds a constant video basically like a gif. to the artwork of a song in the Now Playing tab.

See Spotify For Artists’ Announcement Below:

It seems like the streaming service is trying to harness the popularity of gifs. to boost artists’ marketing. 3D graphics, 2D graphics, mixed media, and video can all be used. Spotify has said these visuals boost streams by 120% and saves by 114% so far. There also does not seem to be any limits to how many an artist can upload, as Spotify claims on their website an artist can have a Canvas on every track. Visuals can also be added and changed at any point. While Canvas is only open to a select number of artists, there is a waitlist to receive updates that any artist can sing up for.

Read more about Canvas here.

Edward Boice

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