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  1. LQuintalStitt

    NewH20 never disappoints me – but I’m disappointed that users gave this album a 3.7 (at the time of this posting).  Did you guys listen to the first song and stop there? Or look at it this way – if this were YOUR album, would it have been as hot?? Come on! I don’t mean to rant but I think that rating is a shame & the album is better than that IMO.

  2. Wake101

    @LQuintalStitt I agree with you 100% when i first saw the rating i was like OK let me check out the album to see why was it rated so low and expecting something of the same i was very SURPRISED by the quality of this album, in my opinion i praise this artist for doing something DIFFERENT compared to the same saturated rap music being done a lot lately. That being said i love many genres and that’s why i love to see more diversity within the music that is being done for God’s glory. 🙂


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