Favorites: Strt Trbl, Monte Cristo, Glow in the Dark, Roller Coaster, Screwed Up Kids

Best Production: Strt Trbl (prod. by Rey King), Glow in the Dark (prod. by Gawvi), Chocolate Bobka (prod. by D-Flow), Wolfie Pack (prod. by Tee-Wyla)

Social Club is a band that consists of F.E.R.N and Martymar. Their band encourages you to be different, awkwardly social, and overall a misft. This album touches on every aspect of what it feels like to be a Christian in this world. ‘Misfts’ is undoubtedly an important album for this current generation and based on the lyrics this wasn’t a mistake that became a hit.

‘Misfits’ hemmed and hawed at every emotion inside of me. It took me mentally back through time to real life situations where things were hard or I didn’t fit in. Social Club shows us in this album that it’s ok for us not to fit in and that Christ is the reason we move forward. This is an important message for the youth and even for adults to hear. The Christian walk is hard enough, yet alone living in this world. Hearts are broken, kids are bullied, relationships torn apart, pornography, and we both know the list can go on forever.

This album is a perfect example of artists being honest and willing to be transparent. Hip hop in general needs more transparency and Social Club was transparent on every track. The two tracks that stood out to me regarding transparency were S&G and Roller Coaster. Both these tracks highlight but also go into detail on some very rocky experiences from F.E.R.N and Martymar. Listening to Social Club’s previous music I knew they were real with their lyrics, but I had no idea how real they could get and I’m glad they pushed it that far.

Download the entire album here


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