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  1. Zeek Nills

    this album is def their best work. good job, but is it me or is marty off beat on all his verses jussayin

    • NotZeek

      Hey Zeek… That’s called lyrical style bruh… He’s not off, maybe adjust your ears! lol Jus sayin…

  2. ceddrick (prophecy) gibson

    aaaggghhhh love it especially when you performed at my church (trinity) murked it love it thee album just missing one thing ….. me lol jk

    #weird conspiracy
    #prophecy out

  3. black baboon

    i agree with all the comment above this mixtape is good keep up the wrk stay in Christ will though!!!!!! wrd up about 2 twwit this cd

  4. Greg

    Wow this is one of the best mixtapes I have ever heard. Great job and all glory to God. Keep on putting this out.


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