South Florida-based rap group Social Club (Martymar & FERN) will be releasing a new album titled “Misfits 2” on April 29, 2014. The album will be digitally distributed online and features new artists Chris Batson (1916 MGMT), Andy Mineo (Reach Records), Marz (Indie) and Elhae (Poe Boy).

The production team for their upcoming project includes D-Flow from Beat Politicians & Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Israel Steven Mercedes aka Rey King of IAMYG music group

“Misfits 2” will focus on the weakness of the Hip Hop band instead of strengths artists usually brag about. The second installment of the “Misfits” series is the 5th Social Club project released in 2 years.

Their last online release (“Rejects”) peaked at #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts, sat at #7 for a week and stayed in the Top 20 for 2 weeks.

“Social Club’s goal has always been to reach kids struggling with depression, suicide and feeling misplaced,” says Marty. “That’s why our fans are called Misfits. We don’t fit in. This album will be no different, emo music over insane production.”

Social Club is known for their hype, heartfelt and honest music. They have been touring the last 2 years with their energetic live shows and wild rock atmosphere.

You can hear their music on

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    Awesome! Looking forward to it!! They are good. Sound is very unique.


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