From Chicago Illinois, artist Skrip releases his anticipated album, ‘Renegades Never Die’.

The album is currently charting as the Top Albums on iTunes for the ‘Hip-Hop/Rap’ genre.

Skrip - iTunes Chart

1. iDOLS
2. Go On (feat. Michael Ketterer of United Pursuit)
3. Este Fuego
4. When the Beat Drop
5. Heir in the Air (feat. Adrian Quintana)
6. Tonight (feat. Canton Jones)
7. A Better Way (feat. Eden Myrrh)
8. Right Now
9. Memorandum (feat. Social Club)
10. Lwymmd (feat. Pregador Luo)
11. I Wanna Go There
12. Let It All Out (feat. Jennifer Reis)
13. Destiny’s Prelude

Purchase on iTunes here: Renegades Never Die

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