In this day and age, under an increasingly digital world, is it a wise thing to do for churches to embrace the power of the internet? It seems, a lot of churches in their attempt to cater to the growing use of smartphones and technology are starting to embrace it. Only a few short years ago it would have been frowned upon for a church to have a website with all of it’s details online. Now, there is an increasing number of churches who are using the internet as means of reaching more people. Some people however do not believe the church should take part in using the internet to bring people into attendance.

Non-denominational churches are using it to take part in and produce, podcasts, articles, and other forms of media to reach as many people for Christ as they can. Other churches like the Catholic church have developed and app to keep their congregation updated on what’s happening at their specific church. The app is called the “myParish App”, allowing reminders for mass and confession times, as well as updates in the catholic community. Some pentecostal churches have apps that allow people to tithe effortlessly, even if the person did not attend church. There is also an impressive array of Bible apps circulating that people use on their smartphones for easy access to the Word.

As we go further into the digital age, I think it is a good thing for churches to use the internet for the advancing of Christ. However I also believe that there is a correct way to do that and a wrong way to do that. As long as Christ remains at the center of it, and they are using it to better reach people and help people then the internet can be a powerful tool. However, if certain denominations use it to collect money, and not use it for anything else, then it is a waste of opportunity to spread the Gospel.

Do you think churches should embrace the internet? How do you think it should be used?

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