You may have noticed there’s an American presidential election going on.

It seems like this year, more than any other election that I can remember, the campaigns are more pervasive, more intrusive, more divisive. Just more loud. It seems like everywhere we turn there’s another outrageous election-related turn of events and all the reactions to it. It’s probably because of the pervasiveness of social media in our lives that hasn’t really been there in the past. Our newsfeeds, and Facebook pages, and Twitter streams are bursting with news and commentary. And it seems like more than ever all that noise has less and less substance and truth and more and more trolling and baiting and pontificating.

We fall into groups of followers with like minded opinions on a range of topics that seemingly divides us more than it brings us together. It’s as if we latch onto the image of what we think a candidate is all about and what they want us to believe rather that the reality of who they truly are and what they truly represent. We follow, we change our mind, we change direction, and they follow in turn, feeding us what they think we’re looking for.

So where does being a Christian fit with all of this? It seems like these days, being a Christian means being labeled a Conservative. Not only that, an ultra-Conservative. And somewhere under those labelsĀ our values concerning the sanctity of life, the freedom of religious expression, and being representatives of Christ’s love, get filtered through political agendasĀ and all mixed up with abortion laws, marriage rights, gun control, and building walls.

I the middle of all this seeming messiness, Jefferson Bethke offers some clarifying thoughts for Christians. In this video titled “Should Christians Be Political,” Bethke points out that “we are people of the Lamb…we are not people of the elephant or the donkey.” “The thing that’s supposed to stand out about us,” he says, “is not our debates on Facebook, but how we love one another.

So take a step back from all the noise and give a listen to some thoughts that just might help you get through this political season with a little more Grace.

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