This is perhaps an age old question that many hold a very one-sided opinion on. Some say it’s not Biblical; we must be equally yolked  and others combat it saying perhaps we are called into their life to bring them to Christ.

Equal yolks is in reference to marriage, and the point of dating is to marry so the question to ask yourself is why do you want to be in a relationship with that person? There is an ache inside that you cannot fill with him/her. If they are not a believer, what makes you think you can change them? God changes hearts. Also ask yourself why you want to be with a person whose viewpoints you need to change before you can date them.

Now I get it, maybe you really do think that you’re called to save them and who’s to tell you that you won’t be the one to lead them to the Cross? From personal experience I can say that this is not the case most of the time.

For what it’s worth, I spent nearly a year of my life with someone who was not a Christian, and I truly believed I was in her life to be a witness, a light. You must understand that only one person will be the influence in the relationship. Without me even noticing, she influenced the way I thought about life rather than the other way around.

When two beliefs clash against each other, that’s where the separation begins, and it only grows from there. The relationship tends to end due to values not lining up.

If Jesus is the closest one to your heart, the most important thing to you, then why do you want to be with someone whose treasure isn’t the Lord? I know for me it came down to loneliness and a crippling depression that I thought would be cured through any sort of companionship. Being with someone never filled the hole that Christ is meant to fill. Instead of waiting for the right person on God’s time I grew impatient and took it into my own hands. Wait upon the Lord. The time will come.

‘Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart’ (Proverbs 21:2)


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  1. iamwhyel

    newH2O I don’t think it’s so much for fear the “rltnshp won’t last”, but because He commands us not to.

  2. obeyurmasta1

    Man was given women as a companion, to enjoy each others company and bear children to God. Thats it…so as it says about a man that is married to a nonbeliever not to divorce her if she loves you and would not divorce. So if a believer found a women thats a nonbeliver that he loves and she is not put off by him then let them come together. But its up to the man or women if they will take anyone. Making urself feel good about a bad situation or relationship under the pretense…”i might save them or turn them” ain’t whats up. You don’t need to be married to speak the truth to someone or be a light before there face if u are even a light at all.
    But choosing a man or wife off of lust is a trap to the believer and the nonbeliever alike…so be wise in getting so close to a person.

  3. zarbor1026

    People still doubt the bible even as christians. But some have to learn the hard way. Do not be yoke with unbelievers. We can be friends but dating that’s a big no-no. I don’t care how cool or good looking you may be. 
    If you truly living the life and walking it out everyday…..this one is a big no-brainer.

  4. Alan Garay

    Yes and no…many Christians are not very firm in Christ and that’s why they get influenced by their partners however the firm ones in Christ have a great likely hood of converting that person as well… I have seen 2 cases of this at my school so far


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